About Scot Bloggers

Scot Bloggers was set up to connect all the bloggers in Scotland- to help you find others in your area and and local events. I’m Claire, a fellow Scottish blogger, but I don’t want to make the blog or twitter account about me. 

First of all our twitter account is there to help you everyday. Mention us in a tweet and we will retweet it for you, we can help you find bloggers in your area (I know it can be tricky if your not in Glasgow or Edinburgh). We will do our best to promote events too but that will require your help. If you've heard about anything happening locally please send us an email or tweet us so we can let the group know.

Secondly this blog has been created to showcase your work. We want to fill this blog with guest posts and hopefully help you connect with new readers and people who are interested in your work. Again if you would like to see your work here please send us an email. If you are a blogger in Scotland we want to hear from you. As with all new blogs we have no followers so please help support other Scottish bloggers by giving us a follow on GFC or Bloglovin'.