Sunday, March 30

Jilly Interviews: G is for Gingers

Now today, we have an extremely special interview, as I've been given the opportunity to interview one of my favourite bloggers; Claire from G is for Gingers! So I hope you enjoy!

Name: Claire (G is for gingers)

Age: 18

General location: Dundee

What made you decide to begin blogging?
I had been reading blogs for a few months and one evening when I was very bored I decided it would be a good idea to give it a go. It seemed a good way to document outfits, baking ideas and general lifestyle things. It is my online diary and its just a bonus I can share it with an ever growing group of readers.

What makes blogging worthwhile to you?
I know a lot of blogger who say you shouldn’t care if people read your blog- just do it for you but the feedback I get makes it all worth while. Seeing a blog post get new comments makes my day! Every comment mean a lot and even though I don’t reply (controversial) I still read them and appreciate my readers.

You are also the founder of ScotBloggers, what made you start up the blog?
I just felt like there was a gap for this kind of group. I knew there was LOADS of scot bloggers out their but no all in one place. I am slowly finding them all too. I didn’t want to make this boy a huge advert for my own so I’ve tried to keep my name out of it although some people have connected the two.

How do you fit blogging around your busy schedule?

I actually don’t have a busy schedule! I am a part time student, studying a distance learning course, so I spend my day doing a couple of hours of studying then I’m free to blog and manage my three twitter accounts and four emails. Blogging fills my time nicely actually- I must have been so bored before hand.

If you would like some tips of managing to blog I would say take a weeks worth of pictures, edit them and upload them to your blog. Once they are saved as drafts you can write when inspiration strikes. I also finding having set days to blog keeps me motivated and gives me that extra push to get it done.
How would you describe your blog?
I still like to say I’m a fashion blogger… but during winter and when I spend the week in the house in leggings studying that can become hard. I post a fair few outfit posts, baking and general lifestyle posts. I like to keep my blog varied as those are my favourite to read.

Have you got any exciting posts planned for the future?
Not at the moment- I don’t usually plan posts more than a week in advance. I would really like to start a series about my bedroom/house but I currently need to find a new bedside table before I am able to take pictures. Hopefully a post like that will be as popular as my wardrobe post and appeal to my nosey readers.

What are your favourite posts to write?
I really like doing outfit posts and that is one of the main reasons I set up my blog in the first place. I love the satisfaction of taking good pictures and the way the post looks when put together. Personally I think a paragraph describing how I put the outfit together and what I’m doing is enough. It’s good to bring your personality and lifestyle into these posts is the key to success.

Your photos are always amazing, what camera do you use?
Ah seriously!? Thank you so much. I’ve recently been given an old Nikon D40 (DSLR) but before than I’ve taken all my pictures with my olympus VR-350. It is a fairly basic camera but I’ve learnt how to use all the settings. I always say good light is the key to taking sharp photos and changing the settings to see what works for you.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
Be patient and keep going- becoming a good blogger takes time and effort but it is all worth it in the end. Don’t be afraid to tweet your link and send it to other bloggers when they ask for links. Use social media to your advantage and talk to other bloggers and brands. Get your blog noticed without being pushing and always try to improve your writing, photography and layout.

Thank you so much to Claire for taking part! It's amazing getting to interview so many amazing bloggers and I'm so glad that I've been given this opportunity! Why not comment your thoughts below?

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