Wednesday, February 12

Scot Bloggers Update

Hello Scot Bloggers- we just thought we would take this small break in our blogging schedule to thank you for your continuing support. We’ve not even been blogging a month yet and we already have 43 followers. To date we have posted 6 of your guest posts and interviewed 4 of our wonderful Scot Bloggers- what type of posts have you enjoyed most?

We are aiming to continue to improve our blog and community so if you have any ideas please leave us a comment or send us an email at On twitter we have a modest aim of following all Scottish bloggers so if there is someone new to the community please point them our way. We have also retweeted lots of your blog posts already in the hope to find you new readers but if there is a specific tweet you would like us to share please just mention us and we will be more than happy to help.

There has been some talk about setting up a #scotbloggers chat and we love this ideas but we can’t commit the time to thinking about topics/times etc but if you have any suggestions again please leave them in the comments or if you would like to host a chat email us at

As our blog is based 100% on your content we are always on the look out for guest bloggers so please get in touch if you have an idea. This opportunity isn’t just open to bloggers but brands too. If you are a company based in Scotland and want to write something about what you do please get in touch. We hope now you see what we do you’ll be more interested. Another idea we have had is adding your buttons to our side bar. For the month after your guest post went live we will add your ad to our sidebar. We will be emailing everyone who blogged for us in February about this opportunity.

Tonight we are full of ideas while writing this so we may as well pitch another one to you. Would you like to see a page about up and coming blogger events in Scotland? This might take a while to set up and we would of course need your help- so let us know if you are hosting an event in Scotland and maybe we can get the ball rolling.

Incase you’ve not already realised we are aiming to put up a new post every Wednesday and Friday at 5pm and on Sundays we want to put up a new interview at 5pm. So you don’t miss any of these posts please show your support by giving us a follow on Bloglovin’. Currently we are trying to add the GFC widget to our sidebar because we know it is still a favourite among bloggers but blogger isn’t letting us- could that be because we have two blogs in blogger? If anyone can solve this problem please let us know. However, you can still follow us by adding our blog to your reading list via the blogger home page.

That’s it from us just now! Looking forward to hearing from more of you soon!


  1. Personally I'd like to see more featured posts, loving all of the blogger spotlights so far! I'd love to have a chance to do that and to talk about scottish roller derby, definitely :)

  2. I agree with the previous comment, its great to hear about other bloggers. I think a page about upcoming events would be really useful too!