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Breast Cancer attacks confidence. It shatters self-esteem. And it changes the way a women looks and feels forever.

Today, thousands of women in Scotland are waking up to the harsh reality of breast cancer. Some are still in shock after hearing the news. Others are making life-changing decisions about treatment. And many more are already coping with the unrelenting hospital visits, debilitating side effects of treatment and endless disruption to family life.

While other charities invest in researching a future cure, Breast Cancer Care is the only UK-wide specialist breast cancer charity helping women to cope with daily reality of the disease. Simply put, breast cancer is a brutal and complex cancer. There’s no one way to treat it and no guarantees. Breast Cancer care is here to help people find their own way through it. We provide national and local support for anyone affected by breast cancer – online, over the phone and through local face-to-face service provision.


Our fundraising events make a real difference to people affected by breast cancer. Every penny counts:

£2 pays for a headscarf set, helping to boost the confidence of a woman who has lost her hair as a result of her breast cancer treatment.

£52 pays for a personal appointment with our Head Strong service to help women cope with the distress of hair loss from cancer treatment.
£132 pays to connect someone going through breast cancer with a trained volunteer who has had a similar experience to them and can provide one-to-one support and reassurance.


Currently we are working on the Fashion Show which would help us to bring awareness of breast cancer to young people. The event will take place at on 10th of April at 7pm in Canvas Club/ARTA, Merchant City in Glasgow and the price is £6. The profit from ticket sales will go to Breast Cancer Care Scotland and University funds. The rest of the profit (raffle, badges) goes fully to Breast Cancer Care.

We are trying to set up an unforgettable performance with our intriguing list of designers: Betty Spoke, NAROMODE, NLM Designs, Rachel McMillan, M.A.D Clothing, Red Apple Designs, Little Hat Parlour, Di Gilpin, HardWear.

The show is a mixture of traditional knitwear, jewellery, hats, street style brands and high end designers to show the variety of Scottish fashion. We are also collaborating with The Academy of Make-up who will be working on hair and make up for the show. The unique vibe to the event is provided by our catwalk music – CLANADONIA live. Moreover, our guest speaker offered to give a speech about her the influence the fight with breast cancer might have on life perception, through her own personal experience. After the show, all attendees will have the opportunity to approach designers in order to buy desired pieces spotted in the show.

Pink Fashion Philosophy team is delighted to invite fashion bloggers from all over Scotland to take part and enjoy our show. We offer you a display of some of the most talented designers from Scotland. You will also get to see limited collections prepared specially for Pink Fashion Philosophy Therefore we believe you might be interested in coming along!


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  1. This sounds amazing and something I would love to be a part of! I am gutted that I am not in Scotland at the moment and unfortunately can't come along, although I will pass on the word about this fantastic fundraiser! Good luck x

    Ashlie Xx