Wednesday, April 23

Not Exactly a Love Song with Tooty Fruity

Hi, Scot Bloggers!

So, I had a really bright, bubbly, happy post planned for today, but that didn’t quite go to plan.

So, I decided to share a song/poem I wrote for Valentines day.
Except, it’s not quite your typical valetines day song.
I wrote it when I was really irritated by a lad in my class who I fancied for ages, and then worked out he wasn’t actually my type, because he said some really annoying stuff to me.

So, here it goes:

I’d say we met in a crowded room 

If that’s how to describe
A greasy, fast food restaurant
Or would that hurt your pride? 

Maybe I could talk about

The sound of your voice
And how I love to listen on tape
But the sound of nauseous frogs
And throwing up dogs
Doesn’t really describe my tastes 

I thought then I could think about
What you did to me
When you kissed me
The first time 

But remembering that
I don’t think that I could stand
Bad breath, awkward nose bumps
And the way you tried
To touch my
Mammary glands! 

This ain’t exactly a love song

I don’t like who you are
I don’t know why we’re dating
Come on, you can’t even drive a car! 

I want someone exciting
Someone who’d look after me
Someone who’d protect me in a fight
Not someone who’d just fall to their knees
Screaming helpless pleas
I mean, Jesus, you aren’t exactly James Bond
But isn’t exactly a love song
Cause I’m just stringing you along

So there you go! I didn’t have a lot of time, and the post I wanted has disappeared from my laptop, so you’ll just have to deal with this :/ 

Well, I hope you had a great Easter Sunday! I already ate six mini eggs and a chocolate bunny.
Ah, I love Easter.

Anyway, food aside again, I hope you enjoy the rest of the sunshine we seem to be having :))

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Farewell for now, Scot Bloggers :)


  1. I like this! Im always jealous of people who can write songs, good songs! :) Btw just out of curiosity, do you think of the lyrics first, or the music first and then write lyrics to the music? :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. I write the lyrics for my brother and me to then collaborate and write the music for it :)) I don't play, so he always writes the music with me, and then I sing while he plays :))
      Ruth (writer of the post)