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Q&A with Shimmer of Pink

We are always keen to hear from our readers letting us know who they would like to see interviewed on our blog. So, when the lovely people over at lbloggers_RT suggested Laura from 'Shimmer of Pink' we were thrilled she was interested. She is currently blogging from Edinburgh where she studies Psychology. Today we getting to know her and learn how she blogs while being full time at university and more about her style. Please check out her blog at the end too!

You have been blogging since April 2012- why did you originally start?

Three years ago I was very ill and spent a lot of time at home, generally bored, and that's when I came across blogging and read quite a lot of blogs. I started my blog as a way to escape what was happening in my life and to share my loves and passions with those who wanted to read about them. I also had a major (and still do)obsession with makeup and so shimmerofpink originally started as a beauty blog but now its a large mixture of everything I love, and don't love.

You blog about a mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle but what is your favourite post to read? 

I am very a nosey person! So I love posts where I can get to know the blogger. I enjoy reading personal posts, post I can relate to. I also love to read about new products and reviews. But then I also love hauls! A love a good mixture which is why I write a good mixture of everything. I write what I enjoy reading. But I think if I had to choose, my favourite posts would have to be lifestyle/personal posts.

You are studying a very academic course at uni but also manage to post several times a week- that's amazing! Do you have any tips for our readers who are struggling to study and blog?

Thanks! Sometimes I wonder how I fit it all in! It's not easy especially when it is essay and exam season. My main tip is only blog what you can manage, if you have to take a week off, take a week off! When it is coming up to busy spells I try and schedule posts for during that time a few weeks before, that way you don't have to worry about writing or publishing posts when you are trying to get work done. Even if its less than the number you would usually post at least you are still getting some good quality post up on your blog. I find blogging is a good way to relax, so when I'm studying every few hours I take a break in which I will write blog posts ( and tweet and eat!). I sometimes take a morning of from studying and write the blog posts for that week. Takes a bit of juggling but I love blogging and so I make it work.

A lot of bloggers get writers block but you managed to post about every second day where do you get all your inspiration from?

From all around me. From what's going on in my life, on the news, on social media, other bloggers, things I have done/bought recently. Pinterest has been my best friend for inspiration lately. Sometimes inspiration comes to me at strange times. For example in the middle of a lecture or in the shower or during dinner. I always write ideas down in a notebook so I constantly have ideas to pick and choose from. Sometimes when I sit down to write a post something will just magically appear in my head, but that doesn't happen very often!! 

We love it when you blog about your outfits- how would you describe your style and how has it developed over the years?

Thank you very much. I am hoping to do more outfit posts in the summer as I feel at university I just wear jeans and t-shirts! I'm not sure how to describe my style. I just see clothes in shops and online that I like and that's what I buy and wear! It has definitely developed over the years. As my confidence grows about the way I look and my body, my choices in clothing items get bolder. It has only been in the last few years that I have grown to accept my body and my shape and find clothes that flatter it rather than hide it.

We love your layout- its so nice, clean and easy to use! Did you design it yourself and what tips would you give to other bloggers wanting to update theirs?

I did design it myself and so I'm pleased that you like it. My thesis was to keep it simple, easy for readers to navigate their way around, but still look cute. It has chopped and changed over the last two years. It takes time but with a bit of research it's not too difficult to do. I learnt most it with the help of google. Also blogging platforms such as blogger (which is what I use) make it easy for you to create your own design with the help of a template as well as allowing you to totally create your own. If you don't have the patience to do it there are many people, including other bloggers, who will happily do it for you for a small fee. I think it is best to keep it simple, too many things and too much going on can be off putting when reading a blog.

What would you say to a younger you if you were starting out again?

Write what you want to write about- don't be afraid of being passionate or writing your opinions, don't compare yourself to others- other bloggers are your friends not your competition, use photo editing software such as pic monkey to edit photos and enjoy blogging!

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