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5 Ways to Work Abroad with The Little Backpacker

 With the current economic and employment state in the UK more and more people my age are turning to other options than staying put and struggling to find a job. There seems to be more and more ways you can get yourself employed abroad – much of this depends on your nationality; all information below is based on a British nationality.

1. Camp America – Available to Europeans, Australians and Kiwis – Camp is generally a two month stint working during June and July. They offer many different jobs from being a camp counsellor, to working in the office or being a kitchen hand. The only experience you need for Camp America is working with children and then that is only for the camp counsellor position. Flights, accommodation and food is included in the price of this experience and can be booked online with Camp America. I spent two months teaching kids to ride during a summer at Camp Walden in Northern Michigan. Although the work was tough at times and we had to work six days a week, the friendships made and the days off we had completely made up for it. Not only that but the visa then allows you to travel after camp (including camp and travel this amounts to a total of four months).

2. Working Holiday Visa – This is available in Australia for 12 months with some nationalities eligible to a second year upon completing 88 days of regional work, New Zealand for 12 months and Canada for 12 months twice. With a working holiday visa you are allowed to work in that country for as long as the visa is valid. Some visas however have conditions on working – like in Australia you can only work for the same company for six months. And Canada you have to have been in the UK 18 out of the last 36 months. So plan carefully if you want to work in all three - go to Canada first.

3. Teach English as a Foreign Language – The course will cost you money to compete and as I have read in several blogs, to get a decent qualification you will have to spend a decent amount. However once you are certified this enables you to work in a wide selection of countries. This includes South America, Asia and Europe with contracts being anything up to 12 months. The only drawback with this one is some countries state you must have degree level education to work there.

4. Summer/Winter Season Jobs in the EU – As a citizen of Europe I am eligible to work all over Europe – obviously knowing the language would probably be a need however there are a handful of companies which run winter and summer season jobs all over Europe. Working in a ski resort over winter and a holiday complex in the summer is a great way to get yourself abroad and earn the pennies. With jobs in several different areas you don’t just have to be a good skier to get a job at a ski resort and what a perfect place to have as a base to travel Europe.

5. Sponsorship – This one is a bit trickier than the others and depends a lot on your line of work and what country you are looking to get sponsored in. Australia has some tight rules on who can gain sponsorship, however if you have a trade then chances are you will be welcomed with open arms. New Zealand runs on a similar policy but with a few more options of what your skills can be. One alternative is working for a company which will pay to send you to work around the world – now wouldn’t that be everyone’s dream.

Many people often ask me about making money off of my blog, but the truth is I don’t and the likelihood that you could make money instantly off of a travel blog isn’t high so I wouldn’t make that your primary source of income unless you really know what you are doing and have spent many years building up the content and traffic of your site. These five ideas are not the only ways you can work abroad; I know there is also an au-pair program running between the UK and USA/AUS along with an internship program for the States. There is also volunteering as an option but obviously like an internship this option wouldn’t pay you. 

If you want to know more about the above content or where to look at getting started with it all feel free to contact me on my social media accounts! 

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