Sunday, July 20

Jilly Interviews: The Wee Blondie

So, today I am here with Judith from theweeblondie. She's a recent graduate who is living in Aberdeen! I hope you enjoy the interview!

How long have you been blogging for?
I have been blogging since July 2012 so my blog has just had 
it’s second birthday! 

Why did you decide to start blogging?
I had seen a few other people I know do it and though ‘ohhhh, that looks fun’. It also gave me an excuse to spend all my money on new things so I could review them.

Who is your favourite blog to read and why?
I wouldn't say I have a favourite blog in particular but I am a 
massive fan of all Scottish Bloggers. 

Have you ever encountered any negativity in blogging and how did it affect you?
I have been extremely lucky in the fact that everything I have received regarding my blog has been positive. I think it is really sad that people feel the need to put people down instead of encouraging them and celebrating their successes. 

What are your favourite posts to write?
Fashion posts! I don't do them enough but recently I was gifted a new DSLR camera so I no longer have excuses not to get great outfit photos! 

What has been your favourite post to write?
My favourite blog post was the #weddingwow post I did in collaboration with ASOS. I had felt so good in the outfit the post pretty much wrote itself! 

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Be Yourself – people will only love you for it!

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Thank you so much to Judith for answering all the questions! Remember that if you want to get involved you can tweet me @mynameisjilly or find my blog :)

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