Wednesday, August 27

Eating & drinking our way round Glasgow (and beyond!) with Food and Drink Glasgow

 Hello! I’m Emma - one half of the travelling gluttons that are Food and Drink Glasgow.  We are chuffed to bits to be on Scot Bloggers, it’s great to have somewhere with a mix of folk and resources – sometimes we do get fed up reading about food though (I do like looking at pretty dresses too!)

The blog started as a place to let-off steam way back in 2008 and it grew arms & legs until becoming a fair bit of our lives.  It became a lot more important when I was diagnosed with M.E and I found that typing a post at 3am meant something and wasn’t a waste of time.  I can work when I can, and take my time getting ready for going out.  We’ve met some wonderful folk, visited some fab places (and some not so fab) and eaten some strange things (pig ears, pickled jellyfish, Sheep brain anyone?!)

However far and wide we travel we always end up back home and love checking out what is going on in Glasgow.  I love Glasgow and although I do give it a belting once in a while, it’s home.  It has some great people, architecture and of course food (and drink hic!)

 The food scene in Glasgow has changed a lot, there are new places, new styles, new foods & lots more competition these days, however there’s a long way to go before we are up there with Edinburgh.  Their dining scene is a lot better at the higher end of the market, and they have different types of bistros & restaurants and more cuisines offered.  Glasgow seems to be stuck in a bit of a fast food rut.   

Drinking wise, with Drygate, Inn Deep and Munros coming along, the cobwebs have been blown off the taps.  Again, a lot more is needed to compete with Edinburgh – they do seem to have a lot more pubs that aren’t tied houses so can sell a larger variety of beer.

So basically our heart is in Glasgow, but we aren’t your typical anti-Edinburgh weegies – we love it there too.

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