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Five Favourites with The Little Blog of Everything

Hello there! I'm Dyan and you can find me at The Little Blog of Everything. I blog about a wide sort of things hence the name! I mostly post reviews of things I've watched or read recently but I also post little lifestyle snippets! For my guest post, I'm going to share my five favourite things in January. I thought this would give a little insight to the kinds of things I am interested in and speak about on my blog.

Celebrity Big Brother 

This has undoubtedly been my favourite thing in January! It's such a guilty pleasure as it can be so bad sometimes that it's so good! I had no intentions in watching it this year as I haven't watched Big Brother in a long time now but Katie Hopkins taking part was unmissable for me as I think she is hilarious. I have really enjoyed the show in general this year and think they have had a good bunch of housemates. It will be really interesting to see who wins!
Hollister Body Mist 'Silver Strand Beach'

I've had a few of these over the years and this is most definitely the best scent out of them all! I picked this up in the sales for the amazing price of just £5. It smells quite lemony which makes it a very fresh scent. I noticed that it lingers for a good few hours on your skin which makes it a really great product in my opinion!

Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr

This is a very new favourite as it was just released this week but I'm in love with it so much already! It's a visually stunning book for a start so I think I might find a place to have it sitting out somewhere.  The design inside the book is so creative and very girly too. It is also packed full of beautiful pictures to look through. Tanya has covered such wide range of topics in her book as it's partly autobiographical with beauty/fashion tips too and there is even recipes thrown in! The recipes look brilliant and I can't wait to try some of them. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into reading this more!

iPhone 5S

I was very excited to finally upgrade my phone this month as my once beloved Blackberry Bold had seen better days. I upgraded to my very first iPhone and I have loved using it so far! I decided to get the 5S in white as the 6 is just a little too big for my small hands. My internet access outside of the house has taken a major upgrade in comparison to using a Blackberry - so many apps! I love how the photos I take on it link to my iPad and my Macbook as it is all very convenient for blogging! I purchased a few cases for it but I'm currently using this Kate Spade one as it's my favourite.


I have been wanting to try Yoga for a long time but never managed to find a suitable class. This month I finally found one at a local sports centre and I was so excited to try it out! I have attended three classes this month which I have really enjoyed so far. It was slightly different than I expected and I wasn't too sure if I liked it after the first session. I encouraged myself to go back and it's actually been different each week which I've rather liked.  I even bought my own pink mat! I'm hoping to generally become more calm by attending yoga classes as I get a lot of headaches. We'll see how it goes I suppose!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to see you again over at my blog! Thanks so much Scot Bloggers for this opportunity to guest post, it was so fun! 

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