Friday, April 3

Edinburgh Is... Street Food with Edinburgh Editor

There was a time - and not very long ago at that - when streetfood in our capital was pretty much chips and cheese or a somewhat suspect kabab late on a Friday evening. Obviously these still exist if you're feeling the need for them, but like the rest of the world, Edinburgh has totally fallen for street food.

Not that there’s really a hard and fast definition for street food, but for the sake of this trip around town let’s just go with the idea that it’s quick, convenient, you can eat it on the street, and above all else it has to be delicious.

The street food scene is growing pretty quickly around our streets, especially with the summer season coming around the corner, but to whet your appetite here are five places to start you off:

1. Harajuku Kitchen

You don't necessarily think of Japanese street food and Edinburgh having much in common, but you'd be mistaken. Most commonly found each Sunday at Stockbridge Market, they usually have one meat and one veggie option. They even had haggis a few months ago!

2. Brazil Crepes (Tupiniquim)

Working out of an old police box at the top of Middle Meadow Walk, Brazil Crepes is an Edinburgh institution. Serving gluten free, vegetarian crepes (amongst others), you will leave with a smile on your face. If you're coming at lunchtime be prepared to wait as it’s pretty popular, but it’s definitely well worth the wait.

3. Bollywood The Coffee Box

Another converted police box, but this time up in Bruntsfield. Naturally it’s tiny, but what this little joint lacks in space it delivers in good, honest, and above all delicious Indian food. Specialities involve an ever-changing array of soups and curries that will leave you wanting more.

4. Union of Genius

Talking of making you want more, Union of Genius started life through a passion for good soup. Today they have a shop, but can also be found in George Square most days in their van, Dumbo. If soup is what you're looking for, look no further.

5. Oink

Who doesn't like hog roast rolls? The brilliant Oink are now in a few places, but their hog roast trailer guarantees a delicious lunch is about to be had when you spot it. The tender, moist and scrumptious pulled pork rolls are simply divine - they’re also at Castle Terrace farmers’ market on a Saturday and it’s a brilliant hangover cure!

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  1. There's so many amazing places now its hard to decide which one to go for! I think the weekend markets are one of the best ways to get a feel for most of them in one shot, particularly for the newer vendors that aren't as well connected and well know as the big guns of the Edinburgh scene.

    1. So many! But you're right - the markets are great for it. I'm really enjoying Tram Stop market on Saturdays just now.

  2. I've become regular reader of your blog. thanks for sharing.