Wednesday, October 7

Autumn Classics with aguide2

My favourite season is here and it's therefore time for some Autumn Classics. There is something I absolutely love about the nights drawing in, and wrapping up in fur and shawls. No longer do I need to shave my pasty legs. The fashion is divine. No longer do I need a really good excuse to buy a daily hot chocolate. My foundation returns to the same colour as my neck and the decorations go up, because obviously I do Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas.

I can go to bed at 7pm if I feel like it - no one will judge. I can spend the day by the fire reading a book, because who on earth would go outside? Everything becomes a bit more.... relaxed.

Sure, there are a few downsides. My skin goes into shock. My neck and shoulders get stiff from waiting on the tram in the cold. I have the desire to sleep when it is dark, which in Scotland is most of the day. Waking up refreshed will not happen again for months. I also need to eat when it is dark - which doesn't bode well for my waistline.

To ease myself in gently, I have to treat myself (you have to don't you?) so this month I am all about the make up and clothes.

Out with the bright pink lipstick and in with Mac deep tones, in particular (left to right) All Fired Up, Studded Kiss and Hang Up. When paired with a smokey eye does something amazing to my face (which doesn't happen often). I tend to keep my face fairly bronzed to avoid looking goth-like and keep my hair off my face to make the look stand out more.

The over-the-knee boots have been purchased. They are super sexy and can be worn with jeans, leggings or nothing at all. Mine are from River Island (£70.00)and keep my legs nice and toasty (but sometimes too toasty so invest in some baby powder - and apply carefully).

Next on the list is fur, fur, fur. Fake of course. Because there is nothing better than wrapping some round you tightly on a cold night.

Fur is one of the timeless Autumn classics and can really dress up and otherwise plain outfit. And you can have it everywhere and get away with it; on your bed or sofa, round your neck even in your car. As a starting point, I invested in this little beauty from New Look (£19.99). Paired with leather gloves and you look stylish whilst remaining cosy.

Primark have a delicious range of Autumn classics bed linen in store at the moment, and if you go for the flannel duvet set, every night is like slipping into a little piece of heaven. With soft, fleecy throws, sequined or fluffy cushions and adorable little hot water bottles, come pay-day I will be buying the lot and gloating.

Every Sunday in Winter, you will find me in the kitchen playing with my best friend the Slow cooker. There is honestly nothing more comforting than the smell of a roast or stew wafting through your home. It really helps to make you feel warm inside. So I would recommend investing in one, and when you will do you will realise that practically anything can be made in a slow cooker - even cake!

Finally, the one thing I couldn't live without as we slide on down to winter is Molton Brown shower gel and cream. I currently use Oudh Accord and Gold which smells like Moroccan spices and Christmas. Typically in the summer I opt for Rhubarb and Rose and still apply the lotion to give me a hit of Summer freshness. It really feels like a little luxury every time I step in the shower, and sets me up for the rest of the day.

And that's it - my Autumn Classics. But I would love to hear your essential staples. Drop me a comment below

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