Wednesday, October 28

My Autumn Look with Sarah Emery

Hello everyone! I am Sarah and my blog is Sarah Emery. My blog is very much still a work in progress but I mainly blog about lifestyle and beauty.

This post is about my general look for autumn. Autumn is easily my favourite season, it has all the good things; my birthday, Halloween and bonfire night.

On my face I wear Seventeen's 3 in 1 highlighter before I put foundation on. It brightens up my face a little. Foundation (Fashionista), bronzer (Makeup Revolution) on my cheeks and a little bit of highlight (Makeup Revolution). I've put highlighter on my eyelids and put on mascara (Maybelline). Then I put on a dark purple lipstick (Rimmel). Usually it varies between purple and red but today it's purple. This look is mainly about the lip.

I always have a tough time deciding whether I want my hair in waves/loose curls or straight. Recently I've gone for straight more often because it shows off how long my hair is getting. Daft I know. But that is all I do to my hair. Often I'll clip my fringe back because it's such a pain, despite the fact that it's growing out and has been for many months.
Today I am wearing a high neck long sleeved ribbed top (Primark) paired with a pair of high waisted jeans (H&M). I accessorise it with jewellery, an amethyst necklace, watch and a handful of rings. I have discovered such a love for high neck tops so that's the first thing I look for when I'm in Primark. They always fit perfectly too.
When I venture outdoors I wear a knitted hat (Primark) and a scarf (New Look). The hat is a very recent purchase, I never used to wear a hat because my hair was so short and it didn't suit, so I'm very glad that I can wear them now. The scarf I have I got a year ago and I love it so much. It is absolutely massive and it is reversible.

It's a simple look but I like it. For more details see over on my blog.

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