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What We Wear and What They Wore with Dora's Fashion Blog

Spending my time with my friends is my favourite free time activity and when they are partners in crime, I mean fashion crime, I just enjoy my time with them more. We all love artsy stuff, going to museums or pretending that we are tourists in a place we have already been. We play board games, we gossip about people we do not even know, we share every little awkward thing with each other and if one of us has a crazy idea… well, all of us are in it and it will lead to crazy actions. We never get bored of each other and we always support each other, listen to each other and laugh at each other in an awkward situation. You know Sex and the City, don’t you? We are like them, just a much better and more entertaining edition. 

When I heard that Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has an exhibition about fashion, I messaged them immediately that we need to go and they cannot say no for me (How could they?) and I know they were interested in it as well, so we spent one of our free Sundays together to go for a ‘Just Girls’ museum visit.

I already got so excited when I saw the shop outside the exhibition, because all the fashion books from my booklist were in one place. But this is not even the most exciting thing… when I saw those dresses… my jaw dropped and I did not want to leave the place. 

Before we went there I asked my friends to wear something they usually wear, something which shows their personality, their favourite clothing, but simple, not too much and comfortable. They did not tell what are they going to wear, but they all came in matching white shirts, styled their own ways. 

Bianka was wearing it with a statement necklace of course, because she is really into jewellery. And make up. I have never seen as much as she has. 

Melinda was waring a beautiful statement necklace as well from Egypt and a scarf. You need to know that whatever Melinda is wearing, the outfit is not done without a scarf. 

Zsófia went for less is more, a nice pair of checked skinny trousers and boots with simple golden jewellery. Simple, stylish comfortable. Everything Zsófia loves. 

I did not choose a white shirt, because I wanted to wear a dress I got from one of my friends. It is blue and denim. My two favourite things when it comes to clothes.

We walked in the place full of 19th Century clothes in our modern outfits, wearing trousers and a short dress. Should I spoiler now how amazing was the display sorted according to colours? Ups, I just did it. Colours had a really important role in the whole exhibition, because you always wear what you wear for a reason, but while nowadays you wear it because that is your style, back in the 19th Century, they wore it, because that is what they were told to do. From white to black, all the colours have different meanings and if you want to know more, different coloured material were made differently.

I was amazed with all the information they provided with the dresses. I actually realised that fashion was more complicated back then, oh and I have not even mentioned that these dresses are all unique and no one else had the same. How amazing is that when your outfit is not coming in front of you on the street, huh? Do not say yes. I know it is hard to be unique today and wear custom made clothes no one else has. However, you can still be unique: wear whatever you want, and show your best side! Showing your personality is unique and it will never go out of fashion! ;)

P.S.: Alert Fashion lovers! Only a few days left to see the exhibition. Do not miss out!

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