Friday, March 4

Summer in Scotland with aguide2

We Scots are an optimistic lot. The first daffodil bulb popped up yesterday, so I got out my gladiator sandals ready to embrace the balmy temperatures that would no doubt follow. Unfortunately, today it is one degree and pouring with rain but it's okay. Tomorrow, for sure, I'll be able to wear them. The sad truth is that Summer in Scotland typically lasts for one week. But every year we think "this will be the year. From March - September every day will be gloriously warm. It will not rain on and off every hour of the day and we will sit in outdoor wine bars laughing and no longer vitamin d deficient."

Tourists over for the festival will not feel the need to wear duffel coats. They will comment on what fantastic weather we have, aren't we lucky.

We will no longer go to the beach at sixteen degrees and make the best of what we've got. In fact Portobello will turn into some sort of Mediterranean heaven, full of super yachts and wine bars.

We won't need to carry an umbrella, sun cream, a coat, scarf and wellies just to get to work.

In fact, work will be cancelled because who can be expected to when it is 25 degrees plus?

My father won't moan about how hot it is, because he'll be lazing in his outdoor swimming pool day in day out. My mother will sip cocktails in her BHS bikini and have shares in sun cream.

Cocktails will be free because we need to keep hydrated.

We will all develop a gorgeous natural tan and the men of Scotland will become instantly more attractive.

The Government will give us all free Raybans because our eyes need to be safe. And fabulous.

The Royal Mile will become a giant slip and slide.

The North West of Scotland will become the it place for celebrities, akin to the Maldives or Bora Bora.

We will all have a weekend home by the coast. Costa del South Queensferry will become the new Malibu beach.

Every evening there will be a party, because who wants to stay inside when it's so gorgeous out?

Now, if you don't live in the UK, you might look at this list and think "what is she talking about" but these are the dreams that we have. Summer in Scotland, although beautiful, can be bloody miserable. One year, we will have glorious sunshine and no rain for at least a month. And then we will moan about it.

So back to what I was saying... it is currently one degree. But tomorrow, my gladiator sandals are going on.

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