Thursday, May 26

How we Built our Facebook Following with Fife Man And Van

I’m Finn from Fife Man And Van, a removals company based in Fife. I know what you’re thinking: removals isn’t exactly the most exciting industry to talk about. And you’re absolutely right. But it’s the apparent mundaneness of our business that makes our achievements on social media so interesting – specifically growing our Facebook page to over 6,500 likes from 100% real users based in Fife.

You might be wondering why so many people would want to follow a page managed by a small removals company in Fife. And trust me, so do we. But looking at our page, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was just a news page dedicated to stories from around Fife. We post local news stories every single day,

Don’t get me wrong; we still promote ourselves on a daily basis. But I’d say around 50% of our posts are completely unrelated to removals, which might seem

But at the end of the day, we want people from Fife to be interested in our page. Because they are our customers! So what better way to keep them engaged than by talking about the things that are happening in the county.

And guess what? It works! Our biggest source of enquiries for removals work comes from our Facebook page. We’re obviously doing something right.

The most important thing that we’ve learnt since growing our Facebook page is that we don’t have to be forceful with our marketing efforts. We’ve realised that by engaging with the local community, we can earn their trust and, ultimately, their business.

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