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If you love fashion and books, here is a list for You with Dora's Fashion Blog

I love fashion and I love reading and thank good, we have many more books to read than course books for our favouritesubjects. Probably everyone is preparing for exams now, but during preparations I had some time to make a reading list for summer for myself and obviously some books deserve a bit more attention because these are all about fashion. I am sure you will find something to read and that is why I wanted to share my list. Sharing is caring.

I love books. I love the smell of them, I love holding them and feeling how light they are, I love the sound of flipping the pages. I dont mind paying for them, even if it costs a fortune, because they are all unique and special. I appreciate all the books I have. I know that making books is killing trees, but Im traditional and I cannot imagine myself holding a Kindle while Im on a plane from Glasgow to Budapest. I would rather carry an extra kilo with my favourite magazine and a book in my bag than a lightweight Kindle.

So here are the list of books I am going to take with myself to London, Croatia, Hungary or wherever I go.

1.     Fashion, The Ultimate Book of Custom and Style

I lied. I wont carry this book anywhere, because it is at least 3 kilos and its huge. This is the book I am going to finish while Im in Glasgow. When I visited the Century of Style (PLEASE INSERT LINK FOR MY PREVIOUS POST HERE) exhibition in the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, I saw this book in the shop and I fell in love with it, I wanted it so badly. It was s surprise from my best friends for my birthday. Since then whenever Im bored of studying I open it and just read a few pages. This is the absolute fashion book with many photos and drawings about clothes and style from the Cleopatra to Ralph Lauren with every designer, model and the most beautiful clothes! If you love fashion, this is a must read!

2. How to be a Parisian wherever you are

I love Parisian style. They are sexy and free and always stylish. They know how to wear the same dress to the streets and to a special event. They know what they should wear and how much to spend on clothes. I respect all the Parisian bloggers and if I grow up I wanna be one of them. The four editors of this books made an amazing job and if you want to know more about french style, this is the key for all their secrets.

3.The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements

The editor of Australian Vogue tells her story from her first job to the remaking of Vogue herself with all the secrets of the magazine and the fashion industry you never heard before. She knows what is fashion and what is making something outstanding from nothing and if you need inspiration to be a better you and work for your dream job read Kirsties words who made it to the top! I loved it.

4. Front Row: Anna Wintour

We all know THE name. If fashion has a name, its called Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue Us. You might say that Kim K or Queen B is more fashionable, but Anna is writing fashion, she tells you what to wear by editing articles and putting the most outstanding women on the cover of the leading fashion magazine. She has her own sophisticated New Yorker style, she knows the biggest names of fashion and without her street style wouldnt exist. She is my icon and yes, I will never stop admiring her whatever she does. Fashionistas, this is the MUST read biography about the true Queen of Fashion.

5. The World According to Karl

If he doesnt like something, he will let the whole world know. This is his book with his own words about everything. He is criticising designers, models, street style, himself, fashion, singers, actors and everything else and sings odes about his cat, Choupette. That cat is so majestic. I dont like cats, but I wish I had the chance to meet with Karls fave pet. If you like and dont like reading at the same time, this is your book. No full pages of words, just pages of sketches and drawings with the quotes of the King of Fashion. He is my other icon.

6. Unseen Vogue

This book is for the lovers of photos and photography and the haters of reading. If you love Vogue, you know its always full of the best photos of the prettiest women in the most expensive clothes. This is almost the same. Almost. This album shows you all the photos which you could have never seen on the pages of the Fashion Bible from the 1920s to 2001.

7.Parisian Chic by Ines de la Frassagne

The designer knows what is french fashion and with her tricks you will have the knowledge as well. Ines de la Frassagne is the designer of her own brand with sophisticated and simple collections for each season. You know you want to learn what is less is moreand how you can create a wardrobe to always be stylish without over or underdressing and spending loads of money every season to be runway ready when you leave your home. You only need this book. Read and learn!

Enjoy your free time and spend it with reading! Intelligence is pretty!

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