Friday, June 3

Comic Celebrating Glasgow & Edinburgh’s History & Culture

The long and colourful histories of Glasgow and Edinburgh have been brought to life in ‘A Tale of Two Scottish Cities’, a new comic that celebrates the cultural relevance of the two Scottish cities.

The comic was created to mark the launch of Jurys Inn’s second hotels in each city, taking readers on a journey through time – literally – to learn about what makes Glasgow and Edinburgh so remarkable. Guided by Scottish great Dr David Livingstone, we climb aboard Nicola Tesla’s secret time machine to go on the trip of epic proportions.

The story starts off in present day Glasgow Cathedral Square, where Dr Livingstone lands to find a young ragamuffin placing a traffic cone atop a bronze statue of none other than himself. Wanting to teach her a lesson or two about the value of the past, the Doctor prepares his time machine and whisks her away for a vivid history lesson.

Over the course of the amusing and educational adventure, we get a glimpse of the Square as it was in 1136 before visiting Edinburgh University in the year it was founded, the anti-union riots of Glasgow, and the publication of The Wealth of Nations amongst plenty more.

The roles are then reversed and Dr Livingstone is treated to his own guided tour of Edinburgh and Glasgow today. The young Glaswegian educates the explorer on the present day glories of each city, including the Edinburgh Festival, Glasgow’s Hampden Park, and one of the many Michelin starred restaurants dotted around.

Anyone with a time machine will tell you that seeing the past and the present is only two thirds of the fun, and the pair are soon rocketing towards the year 2055. Here, the Old Firm rivalry gets a futuristic makeover and Alex Salmond reigns supreme over all! An accurate glimpse into the future? Only time, or Tesla, can tell!

An extra bonus for comic fans - the illustrations were drawn by Andy Fanton, an artist who has previously worked on The Beano, Viz, and Private Eye!

Read the comic below.

Read the rest - The Jurys Inn Tale of Two Cities

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