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Fashioned in Glasgow - Kickstarter Campaign



Fashioned in Glasgow is a brand new support network for the city’s fashion design scene, and they’re asking for your help to make Glasgow a leader in the field. From mentoring, manufacturing to machinery, FIG is a designers one stop shop into creating their own business. The mentoring company’s Kickstarter Campaign is now underway, and there are some fantastic rewards for backers.

It’s no secret that Glasgow is a Scottish fashion hub. From outlandish millinery to practical backpacks, you can get it all right on your doorstep. Additionally, it’s a city full of community spirit, and Fashioned in Glasgow are facilitating this – as well as providing mentoring and studio space – for fashion start-ups that need a boost.

This Kickstarter will give the organisation, run by Kelvin College fashion lecturers Aimee Bride and Alison Malcolm, the tools to develop their rentable studio space, industrial sewing machines and cutting tables, as well as workshops, business advice and an all-round style hub. The facility will also offer affordable small and large scale manufacturing. Which is something many brands struggle to source.

The hub, which has already received backing from First Port and Glasgow City Council, will provide industrial work experience and internships for fashion designers of any age, and aims to develop Modern Apprenticeships in manufacture, creating jobs and boosting the local economy.

They’re looking for £10,000, which co-founder Aimee says will foster “entrepreneurialism with fashion designers and independents so as to keep them in Scotland.” She states: “We are both extremely passionate about this venture. As fashion lecturers - once ourselves setting up in business - we know how hard it is to find the support needed to succeed and we hope that Fashioned In Glasgow will fill this gap!”

The target building for the team is the historic Mercat Building at Glasgow Cross, which was built in 1922. FIG plan to take this recognisable piece of Glasgow’s landscape, and continue its legacy for a new generation.

Rewards for backers range from afternoon tea and an Olaplex treatment at cult salon #BLOW salon, to limited edition clothes, to massive discounts on studio space rentals. Or style lovers have the option make a pledge and get the VIP treatment at the FIG fashion show.

Already successful labels in Scotland have made use of the FIG expertise, including Samantha Paton of cult brand Isolated Heroes. She says: “They provide an excellent service with low minimums which makes it easier for small businesses like us to start manufacturing our products,” and adds “It is extremely important for people to get behind this campaign and support the fashion and textile trade in Scotland… which will be beneficial to all designers, graduates and brands, as well as strengthening the economy.”

Find their Kickstarter details here and help support Scottish fashion.

About the brand

Acting as a support system for brands in their first five years, Fashioned in Glasgow take fledgling designers and give them the tools to make their ideas a success. Started by Kelvin College fashion lecturers Aimee McBride and Alison Malcolm, the company facilitates new labels both with physical tools (studio space, industrial machines and use of a factory at a discounted rate) and mentoring, tutorials and networking opportunities.

Not only this, but with every brand that signs up, the community grows as does the standing of Glasgow fashion. Designers can choose from monthly or annual memberships, with low rates and scalable options depending on their budget.

Their aim is to plant the city even more firmly on the style map, create jobs, and boost the economy with successful and innovative brands.

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