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Travel Guide to Budapest with Dora's Fashion Blog

There are so many things about this country you should see, but if you seriously want to see everything you have to come here for a month at least. If you can only spend here a few days, then spend it in Budapest or somewhere by lake Balaton and enjoy the heatwave, the smell of the amazing food (it’s more like the smell of Hungarian paprika everywhere) and the beautiful view.
I am really interested in fashion and food, so when I went to Budapest with my sister our destinations were unique shops and cafes that you cannot find in Scotland anywhere. Here are a few special places you should visit if you come to Hungary. I don’t want to mention prices, as everything is cheaper in Hungary than in the UK.

1. Cat Cafe

This is the perfect place for cat lovers. You can pet cats and drink your coffee at the same time and enjoy a nice chat with your friend. You can also take photos and spam your Instagram with cute cats. If you are like me who doesn’t like cats then a visit is still recommended here, because we are talking about animals and amazing cakes!

2. Szputnyik shop

Number 1 destination for vintage fashion! Fashion is fashion and if you want to wear something different, then don’t go to the biggest shopping stores, go to shops like Szputnyik and choose from the shop’s own collection of tops, skirts, jumpers, bags, jewellery and accessories or choose something old and fashionable, you’ll definitely be the coolest Fashionista in your squad with something no one else can get.

3. Chain bridge for the best photos

The most beautiful bridge on Danube that connects Buda and Pest and also the busiest, but it looks amazing from every point of view, so just choose your favourite, take some photos, upload them and then walk through the bridge because you can never know what surprise is waiting for you on the other side.

4. Buda castle

This is one of the surprises which you can see from the other side of the Danube. It’s a perfect background for your selfies, but it is worth the walk up to the hill. If you are there Matthias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastion is also a must see! Actually, go and see the whole area there because there are no words to describe how beautiful is it.

5. Sugar shop

Lovers of sweets and candies, this is your shop! Grab a small box and fill it with jelly beans or gummy bears or whatever you want and enjoy your cheat meal or choose from the special Hungarian cakes, ice creams or milk rice with many different tastes. Milk rice is a special Hungarian thing so don’t even think about missing it!

6. Ludwig Museum - Women in Chanel exhibition

A temporary exhibition in the museum of modern art in Budapest with the most beautiful Hungarian, Polish and Czech models wearing clothes and accessories Chanel Ready-to- Wear, Couture or Resort collections for photos taken by the Farago couple.

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