Wednesday, November 23

10 Things I’ve Learnt About Living on an Island with The Static Gypsy

I moved to the Isle of Skye in 2010 from a village just north of London. In the last few years I’ve learnt a lot about living in such a remote part of the world, and most of it is exactly what you might expect of a quiet island life. So here are ten things I’ve learnt about living on a Scottish island.
  1. It can and will snow pretty much any month in the year.
  2. Most people are known solely by nicknames.
  3. It’s socially acceptable to live in a caravan.
  4. There’s no rat race.
  5. The views!
  6. Everyone says hello when they pass you on the street.
  7. Finding work is incredibly competitive.
  8. The local supermarket is the hub of life!
  9. It’s safe enough to leave your doors unlocked.
  10. No one bats an eye to driving two hours through mountains and snow for a days’ shopping.

There’s so much more I could say about living on an island, but then I’d be going on for days and days! There are bad things, obviously, but for the most part, life on Skye is pretty idyllic. And given that it recently topped the Daily Records list of ‘Most Desirable Places To Live In The UK’, I’d say most of the UK is pretty clued up on how lucky I am to live where I do!

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