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The Top 5 Products for a Day at the Beach with Word of Rachel

Summer is on the way in. And that means a change in, well, just about everything! Clothing goes from thick and snuggly to light and airy. We swap our evenings from indoor activities to pub beer gardens and spend our days gazing out at the sun soaked world. We book holidays and enviously glare at the endless pictures our Facebook and Instagram friends snap. And most importantly, we hit the beach!

But what do we need when we hit the beach? We all have a checklist. We usually bring a towel, an on point bikini or swimsuit, our sunglasses, and sun protection. But with those beach bags being so big, we’re often tempted to fill them. What with? Well, that’s where I come in.

Long days spent exposed in the sun call for some pretty essential products. You may be thinking of makeup, but which products protect you from sun damage? You might think of sun protection, but will it stand long exposure, water, and sweat? What about after sun? Will after sun work on the body and the face? It’s a lot more complicated than you’d think…

So, here are the products I can’t be without on the beach, and you shouldn’t be either!


Not a beauty product as such, but if you’re planning on spending a whole day in the scorching heat and sun you need to be hydrated! Plastic bottles from the supermarket will do, but the environmentally conscious among us may want to opt for a refillable bottle. Drink up!

Sun Protection

I can almost hear the ‘yeah, we know’ echoing across the lands atop a bed of eye rolls! But sun protection isn’t as simple as picking up the cheapest bottle and hoping for the best. Here are a few things that should be considered when you pick up your chosen bottle of SPF:

  • They are not all the same. The cheapest is cheap for a reason. Get a trusted brand, such as Garnier or Nivea. Once you choose a brand, look at the products on offer. There are a lot of things to consider, such as consistency and even colour. A transparent one, such as this Garnier example won’t leave white marks but will not spread as easily. This Nivea one will spread more easily, but may not actually aid tanning if you need a higher SPF. 
  • Burn easily? Then do not be swayed by tanning oils with SPF. Or be tempted to opt for a lower SPF than you need. If you struggle to tan, there are always options in a bottle. Do not risk the devastating effects of UV radiation in the name of vanity! If you’re pale skinned and burn easily, go for SPF 30or even 50. Last summer I made the mistake of thinking I could pass on SPF 20. Sunburn is painful…

Avoid unflattering sunburn by investing in the correct SPF!

  • Some products do work better than others, such as this one. If you’re a little forgetful when it comes to reapplying, this might be an option for you.
  • Remember to reapply! Sweating, swimming and time will wear away that protection. Even sun protectants that promise to last all day should be re-applied to stay safe.

My personal favourite brand, year on year are Garnier and Nivea. They’re affordable, and they work. My friend also introduced me to this fantastic all day facial sunscreen which although a little expensive makes a perfect base for makeup.

Lip Balm

Sun, sea and sand may sound ideal but it is drying as hell! Your lips are the only part of your body that can’t make their own moisture. So make sure you have a handy lip product to go. Several sun care brands have lip products with SPF packed in for example, this one or this one. A handy tin of Vaseline never goes amiss for a cheap and effective option, but remember that this will melt if left in a hot bag all day!


More than a fashion accessory, sunglasses are essential protection for the eyes! Avoid feeling like you can’t drag your eyes open when the sun is blazing on that pale coloured sand and make sure you have them on! It’s easy to get some sunnies that look amazing too! Try Topshop sunglasses, New Look sunglasses, accessorise sunglasses, or if budget isn’t a problem for you, Quay Australia has the best selection of fashionable sunnies.

Foundation with SPF

Needing to keep skin protected doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the beauty! Use a base product with SPF and reapply throughout the day, as you would SPF. Remember, more brands than ever are bringing out base products with higher SPF content. Products for daily use will not cover this. Don’t want to apply heavy foundation for a beach day? Try a sun protection product specifically designed for the face, such as this one previously mentioned.

So there you have it; the top 5 things that you need for a day at the beach. Remember, you can have all of the accessories in the world, but nothing looks good with sunburn! Always protect yourself!

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