Wednesday, January 29

Glasgow Food Geeks Top 5 Restaurants in 2013

Pam here or you may know me as the Glasgow Food Geek. I started my blog about 6 months ago when I moved from the suburbs to the West End of Glasgow and started to eat in some incredible restaurants in the city. I started to take notice of the amazing food blogging community in Glasgow and decided I wanted to get involved - and never looked back.

My Top 5 Restaurants in 2013

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming deciding where to grab a bit to eat in Glasgow, there are so many outrageously delicious restaurants that you just don't know where to start. Here is a quick guide on my favourite eating spots of 2013.

For Weekend Brunch - All Star Brunch
All Star Brunch is exactly what you’d expect from an American brunch bar – it has a small open kitchen area and the seated area is small but not overly cramped. It’s not designed to linger for house but it is more than perfectly pleasant and lovely surroundings to hang out for an hour or two eating and catching up with friends.

They make an absolutely cracking Caramel Latte and the OJ is squeezed fresh to order. Food wise my favourite dish from All Star Brunch has to be The Eggs Maryhill - it is 2 mammoth doorstop slices of brown bread topped with sliced cheddar cheese, potato scone, black pudding, poached eggs and lashings of hollandaise sauce. You only need to use one word to describe this dish Delicious!

For Steak on a Saturday Night - The Butchshop & Grill

Located at 1055 Sauchiehall Street The Butchershop it is a fairly unassuming restaurant from the outside the interior however has a very masculine edge. The pure white tiled walls, dark wooden floors and brown leather booth make the restaurant feel quite vintage. The lighting is very industrial looking which is very on trend in West End eateries. Like I said very masculine & quite a sexy little restaurant which made me feel like I was in Downtown Manhattan.

I could rave about the food here endlessly and have never had anything bad from their menu - word of warning tho if you and your date don't like steak this is not the place for you as non-steak options are limited. Also, if you can try to persuade the deliciously hot staff to make you a Parma Violet cocktail - It is one of my personal favs.

For Saturday Lunch - Bread Meats Bread

I was so obsessed by the food here that I barely took notice of my surrounding, I can however tell you that the interior is very on trend with reclaimed wooden booths, neon signs and metal stools. My absolute favourite feature is the giant windows looking out onto the street – they add a really lovely buzzy urban city vibe to the restaurant which I loved.

The food here is absolutely sensational and pretty reasonably priced. Some of my favourite dishes here include the House Blend Burger, Sweet Potato Fries (best in the city), The Triple Cooked Chips and absolutely anything that comes on one of their Potato buns which are incredible. I have also heard very good things about the Poutine too.

This is a must try restaurant for me.

For a casual unplanned meal - The Richmond

I visited here in my first few days as a west end girl and I loved the vibe of the bar instantly. You can tell that some serious money has been spent creating the cool American 1920 swinging style. With its gorgeous floors, comfortable seating and glass bar I can imagine walking through the door wearing a gorgeous bejewelled flapper dress and ordering a Southside Cocktail during the prohibition.

I have eaten so much of this menu already and could name a lot of must try dishes. In the lead however is probably the sensational mac n cheese which is without question the best in the city, it's the perfect combination of light, cheesy and creamy goodness. Also worth a very noble mention is the sweet potato chips, the Chicken Cesar Salad and their Burgers.

For a Burger - Ketchup on Ashton Lane

Located on the uber cool and trendy cobbled Ashton Lane it is situated perfectly for a West End bite to eat. Inside is a homage to a cool modern American Diner with a black and white checkered floor, red booths and high tables dotted around.
Now if you’re not into burgers this is absolutely not the food spot for you. There are beef burgers….chicken burgers….lamb burgers…fish finger burgers….burger…burgers..bur…. you get the idea! Now what really really peaked my interest was that you can upgrade any beef burger to a Kobe beef burger, I love Kobe steak so this was a must for me - and was seriously tasty.


  1. I clearly need to get out in Glasgow a lot more, have to admit I've never heard of any of these Top 5 places, but will have fun finding out! Thanks, a great post...

  2. I don't get to Glasgow a lot but I will defiantly have to check these places out- especially ketchup! I love a good burger Gisforgingers xx