Friday, January 31

Exploring Scotland With Alison

Our family has been living in Scotland now for about five months and we've been exploring our beautiful new home country at every opportunity.

We live in the city of Aberdeen, but we're convinced that the real wild wonder of Scotland is to be found outside of the city. It is in the hills, the glens and the lochs (valleys and lakes) that we have found the Scotland of our dreams.

Every time we drive out into the shire, we discover it again.

Scotland is castle ruins on hilltops.
Scotland is ancient stone bridges over bubbling brooks.
Scotland is old growth forests carpeted by ferns.
Scotland is rocky coasts and wide open seas.
Scotland is sunshine when you least expect it, after a grey day and weeks of rain.

Alison Chino, headshot

 Alison Chino lives in Scotland with her husband and four kiddos. She tells stories about their travels, their expat life and the wonders to be found while taking long walks at Follow along via Twitter and Instagram.

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