Friday, February 21

Drawings of Edinburgh With Sonia

Hello. I'm Sonia, an architect turned academic from Edinburgh who loves hand drawing. I also love travelling, having lived and worked in Japan and India, and a lot of my travels inspire my work. I blog over at and can often be found with a sketchbook or camera in my hand, tweeting and instagraming as I go. Today I'm sharing some of my drawings of Edinburgh, my home and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Castle and the gardens 
New College
Top of the Mound
Edinburgh Castle 
 I believe hand drawing is an art and a skill which is becoming lost to the computer. I teach on an architectural design course where my students are quick to jump on a computer over sketching and hand drawing their ideas first. I am always pushing them to make a sketchbook and draw through their ideas and development. I work in pen and ink mostly but really like to try out different inks and have recently started sampling some silk screen printing of my drawings.

This is one of my trial silk screen prints in a modern neon pink to contrast with Edinburgh's beautiful and historical Victoria Street.
Drawing the environment around you is just as important and I get a lot of satisfaction from doing just this. Here's a drawing from a recent trip to New York City, in my opinion it's one of the best cities to travel to and I'd love to live there for a an apartment just like this!!

New York apartment
I really hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my work. If you'd like to see more please follow me:

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