Friday, February 28

They Must Be Bloggers... With Miss West End Girl

Hello! I'm Lynsay AKA Miss West End Girl. You can usually find me blogging about life and style at my site, but today I'm chuffed to be guest posting at Scot Bloggers! Having a site like this where you can discover new bloggers is a brilliant resource, especially seeing as there are so many of us now! I thought it might be fun to write a little tongue-in-cheek celebration of us bloggers, our habits and what makes us so unique (and awesome!). I hope you enjoy it...

Blogging is a funny old business. In Scotland, the number of bloggers has skyrocketed in recent years and we are pretty lucky to have a supportive community around us. Starting a blog can be a pretty big step for some people and it's easy to feel like the new girl at school when you first get started (thankfully that feeling doesn't last long because lets face it, we are a chatty bunch!).

It's really nice to have people that you can connect with, either online or at meetups and events, that share the same bizarre passions as you. Whether that passion is LOLCATS, nail art or even the perfect cup of coffee, there's bound to be another blogger that GETS IT. Being Scottish, it's natural that we also like to poke fun at ourselves quite a bit, and that's something that I love (who wants to be serious all the time anyway?).

When a gaggle of bloggers (is that the right collective term? I like to think so...) meet up, it's fun and inspiring for those involved. For onlookers and passers-by, it may seem pretty unusual! What is so natural to us bloggers must be pretty funny to others, so lets have a look at those daft habits that we know and love! Picture the scene: a flock (does that sound better than gaggle?! I'm not so sure...) of bloggers walk into a cafe. The other customers look on and think,"they must be bloggers, because..."

...they are taking a photo of that plate of chips, slapping a filter on it and uploading it to Instagram (#NOM)
...they are dressed to the nines (and it's not even 10am yet)
...they can knock out a tweet faster than it takes you to blink
...they are more likely to know someone's blog name or twitter handle than their real-life name
...they have a (borderline scary) knowledge of everything from new collections launching to restaurants opening to how to solve Wordpress issues

Strange? Maybe. Fun? Most definitely! Would we have it any other way? Nah!

Are there any blogging habits that you identify with? Or any that you would add?

A huge thanks to Scot Bloggers for having me. You can see more from me over on my blog, and on Twitter and Instagram - come say hi!

Snapping a selfie,
Miss West End Girl x


  1. Haha, nice post and oh so true #justinstagramingmybootshaul but I could probably blink faster than I currently tweet!! Thanks for the wee insight Miss West End Girl, from Layoutlines xx

  2. Hehe that last part of the post made me giggle because it's so true - especially about being more likely to know someone's blog name/twitter handle than their actual name! x