Wednesday, February 5

Why I Write With Sarah-Louise

I'm Sarah-Louise and I run I am an English girl and I've been living in Scotland for half of my life. I tend to write about music, subcultures, comics and sometimes even myself. I'm a bookworm, music fanatic and a cat lady. I'm going to write about why I write or more accurately, my journey with writing.
When I was around 4 or 5, a relative of mine told my mother that I'd be a writer one day and it turns out, he was right. It took me a while to get here, though. Even now I have moments of thinking I'm a complete phony but apparently that's common.

I never wrote much as a child. I played with friends, I finished a lot of books, I watched films. I didn't write. I wish I had but I was always more into socialising than creating. I experimented with a few instruments and realised I was a good singer but I never really wrote. That was until I was 10 and I got a teacher who punished students for bad behaviour by making them write stories. There was a time that I'd been particularly annoying and I was told to write a story with the title 'Hotel Murder Mystery'. My teacher took me aside and told me it was some of the best writing he'd ever seen from a pupil of his. I loved writing it as well which made it seem less like a punishment but it DID take up my time when I wanted to be playing out so we'll call it a draw. The lucky thing about this particular year of school, if I can call it lucky, was, it was my year of rebellion. I was ready to impress boys and I did it by annoying my teacher. I had a story to write every night.

Once I left primary school, I stopped again.

I was good at writing, good at reading and good at analysing. English was my favourite class in school, along with music but I still didn't write a lot in my free time. I needed an escape; I was a messed up kid. I just didn't realise I could find one. I didn't realise there was a place I could go that was separate from my own life. A lot of people told me I had to go through the pain that I did and I actually agree. I didn't know that the method of getting through was art. I've read about people that just KNEW what they were destined for- that wasn't me. I didn't feel a calling as such for a long time.

Fast forward around 6-7 years and now I write my way through everything. Good times, bad times, I write. I write in notepads that are strewn around my home, I write on my website, I even once ran out of the cinema to write down a poem that came to my mind quite suddenly. Saved as a note on my phone. Writing is my escape, my frustration, my first port of call and it has been for quite a while now.

I blog because I now, after years of panicking over people reading anything I wrote, love to share what I write! I have so many artists I want to promote, so many people I want to interview and so much I want to say myself that having is perfectly suited to my interests and, it seems, other people's as well. I blog because I have been doing so in some respect or another since I was 15 (I mostly did that to get my friend's gossip who all used Livejournal to tell their secrets as opposed to actually caring about what I wrote). I blog because I can't imagine not doing it and because really, it's so much fun.

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