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Q&A with Wardrobe Conversations

As a blogger it feels like your always on a quest to find great local bloggers and when I found Helen and Kimberley's blog Wardrobe Conversations I instantly love it. Seeing outfit backgrounds of places I see every week is really unique. Both these ladies have a really cute vintage style and their posts are full of personality. Keep your eyes out for their guest post for us on Friday!

Unlike a lot of blogs there are two of you behind 'Wardrobe Conversations’. Why did you decide to start blogging together?

Helen: The whole idea of starting Wardrobe Conversations was so we could spend more time together. We've been friends since secondary school but are now living in different parts of Scotland. Having the blog gives us an excuse to get together and also allows us to collaborate on something we feel passionate about.

Kimberley: We have always wanted to collaborate on a project or business and we both really encourage and motivate each other. This seemed like the ideal way for us to do something meaningful without the pressure of making money. It's a fun hobby that hopefully other people can take some enjoyment from too.

Some people might think that organising posts between the two of you would be difficult- do you have an organisational system that works for you?

Helen: We've had a few little hiccups along the way. To start with we blogged 5 days a week, which was just too much to juggle with work, life, etc. Now we blog 3 times a week and set up a shared Google calender so we know what's coming up. We try and plan well in advance so we both know what we need to do. Having another person there can be really helpful. If I've had a really busy week at work then I know I can ask Kim to take up some of my slack and vice versa.

Kimberley: We are very alike in our ideas and really bounce off each other so the design and vision happened really organically but we soon realised we had to create goals to keep us motivated and on track. We live by our Google calendar! We both enjoy having deadlines to meet and we take turns to share posts equally. Like Helen says, we can always count on the other person to step in when needed.

Helen, you are a Clothing Design graduate. How do you think this affects your style? Can you describe your style for our readers?

Helen: I think I have a greater appreciation for the work that goes into making a piece of clothing. I've sat on the other side of the sewing machine so know how frustrating it can be! I have so much admiration for small brands who make their own pieces. I try to buy and wear the work of smaller designers as much as possible. I manage this pretty well with my accessories and am trying to buy more handmade and independent clothing too. I love quirky designs and fun patterns. My style is a bit of a mish mash of small child with a touch of 50's housewife and a few creepy / weird touches.

You post a lot of outfit posts (which we love) but there are lifestyle posts mixed in what is your favourite to write?

Helen: That's a tough one! I love dressing to a theme, so doing the Styled By posts are really fun. It also gets us out and about which is a good thing as so much of blogging is spent behind on the sofa typing away on my laptop. I'm also really excited about our monthly DIY posts. We've only done one so far but we already have loads more ideas and would love to get more bloggers involved.

Kimberley: my favourite posts are definitely our outfit posts (narrowly followed by any where we get to eat cake). I actually enjoy directing Helen's shoots more than posing for my own because I get to boss her around. I'm starting to relax into my own blogging voice so the outfit posts are becoming more about my life too. Another thing I enjoy is our occasional nail art inspiration posts. We both enjoy doing our nails and it's a good way to celebrate designers' work.

Kimberley, you are living in Edinburgh- do you think this gives you more inspiration for blogging or does it effect your fashion choices?

Kimberley: I think my style has grown up here. I would describe my style as that of a Granny Secretary. I like a preppy look but I suit 50's shapes and loud prints just call to me! There's plenty of street style inspiration in Edinburgh because there's such an international mix of people here. There are some great wee shops hiding here too- some of my favourites are Hannah Zakari, Godiva, Cookie and Pepperberry. And of course, Armstrong's for vintage. I used to pretty much live in that shop in my student days!
Edinburgh and Lothian is also incredible for picking backgrounds for our shoots. Every corner in Edinburgh has something interesting and we've had some dreamy back drops to our posts.

Which blogs do you read? Who’s your favourite blogger right now?

Helen: There are so many! I am much more likely to read blogs than a magazine these days. It's so nice to see people writing and publishing posts just because they love doing it. I love following the stories of other Scottish bloggers like Miss West End Girl, Bee Waits For No One and Forever Yours, Betty. One of my all time favourites is Yours Truly, x, I just love that ladies style.

Kimberley: Argh, Helen said half of mine, too. I'm always on the look out for new blogs but I'm rubbish at commenting so I'm like a stalker. I love to catch up with (ie. stalk) my friend Indigo Buttons via her lifestyle blog. She's outrageous and a lot of fun. Other Scottish bloggers I follow include Skittlis Fashion, Rebellious Rouge, Glasgow Fashion Girl and Hannah Hayes.

If you could give two friends wanting to start a blog together one piece of advice, what would it be?

Helen: Work to each of your strengths and share out the tasks accordingly. Kimberley is great at the social media side of things, whereas I really enjoy editing our photos. Having defined roles means we each do our fair share and stay on top of what needs to be done.

Kimberley: I agree. I enjoy writing and editing, while Helen is more technically abled so I pass that side over to her! As with any joint venture, it's about good communication. You have to be honest, fair to each other and push each other to improve. We are each other's biggest cheerleaders.

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