Friday, May 30

Cakehounds do Radio 1 Big Weekend in Glasgow!

BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend – a free festival in the city within walking distance of Nicola’s flat – we didn’t need much more persuasion that that. Luckily we managed to bag ourselves tickets to the full weekend’s festivities and we weren’t about let the obligatory bad weather stop the fun! So cagoules in hand, we set off for Glasgow Green. We saw so much great music over the weekend that it was hard to fit in all in, but here are our highlights of the weekend.


Pharrell – We’ve both seen Pharrell live back in the days of Snoop Dog and N.E.R.D. so were hoping for a re-run of a few old classics and we weren’t disappointed when Frontin’ and Lapdance started up. Top marks to his backing dancers who looked amazing and left Pharrell and his scarecrow-esque hat in the shade.

Twin Atlantic – We went to see the Glaswegian band on a whim only having heard one of their songs, and left the tent as firm fans. They had the crowd (us included) eating out of their hands and we barely stopped bouncing for the entire set. A cloud of coloured paper rained down during their encore and we made a mental note to download their album ASAP. 

Katy B – We nipped into the In New Music We trust tent just in time to see the last two songs: Katy on a Mission and Lights On, and only wished we’d gotten their earlier! Definitely one to watch at T in the Park this year – nothing keeps the rain away like a spot of dubstep…

Calvin Harris – He’s completely taken over the charts at the moment and he dominated the stage at Big Weekend – when it started pouring halfway through his set we barely even noticed. The crowd went absolutely wild for every single tune he played, and our only complaint was that he wasn’t headlining – the laser show would have been even more mesmerising after dark. 


Kings of Leon – They kicked off the festival on Sunday, and we’re glad we braved the miserable weather to see them in action – their set included all the old favourites including The Bucket and Molly’s Chambers, and their finale of Sex on Fire had the whole crowd going wild. 

Gorgon City - We actually only saw Gorgon City because we thought The Klaxons we on and it was raining. These are the best kind of moments at festivals – stumbling across a new act entirely by accident and realising how great they are. Their DJ set was interspersed with a parade of guest singers including Maverick Sabre and Kiesza and their recent hit Ready for your Love raised the roof.

John Newman - To be honest we did spent the majority of John Newman’s set marvelling at his sailor-style white suit and how he managed to keep it so clean, but he put on a good show and his finale of Love me Again was a real crowd-pleaser. We just wish he’d played more of Rudimental – we were desperate for a version of Feel the Love and it sadly didn’t happen. 

The 1975 – We knew barely anything about them, but apparently the lead singer’s mum is Denise Welch from Loose Woman. God knows what we did before Wikipedia…. In truth though they put on a really good set, plus their bass player was really hot. Oh, and we loved Chocolate. Did we mention we were onto our contraband hipflasks by this point?

So that was our round-up of our best bits – we didn’t make it to Katie Perry or Coldplay as we’re a bit too fair-weather and fond of our home comforts for that these days. An amazing weekend all round though – can’t wait for the next one!

Cakehounds x


  1. Wow it sounds like an amazing weekend girls!! I have seen some of these acts at T in the Park last year and can't wait to go again this year!! Gisforgingers xx

    1. Hi Claire - amazing and pretty tiring with all that dancing! But you will have a great time this year at T in the Park. Totally put us in the Summer festival mood :)

      Nicola & Lindsay (aka Cakehounds) x