Friday, May 23

The Scottish Asian Wedding Exhibition with Sultana Malik

Hey little lovelies excited to be a feature blogger on Scottish bloggers! Only started blogging a few months ago! I initially started to get my name out there and to show case my expertees in Events management and the Fashion industry. I also encourage and market the organisers and team behind Events and Fashion shows. I am loving the vision behind Scot Bloggers! Great stuff and such a good way to network! I've been engaging with other @scottishbloggers on twitter! Found some great co-bloggers on there! This feature is a follow up from my post on The Scottish Asian Wedding Exhibition. I wanted to blog especially about this event as I feel it will encourage audiences to visit different cultural Fashion show and events. I hope to connect the growing Scottish and Asian events and Fashion scene.

What a fun day out! As you walk in you were given Asian Sweets from Amala Foods and a S.A.W.E bag which had a number of leaflets from: Clothing- boutiques Eli Couture, Image Collection by Nimraah, SKM Couture, Hair and Beauty Wink, Iqrara Hair stylist and makeup artist, Perfection by Mona, Smeena Make up Artist Henna Artist Mehndi by Sophina, Jewellers Marbel eric, Zaiba Jewels, adaa Jewellery, Entertainment service Royal Dhol Force- Jas, Staging J'adore, Catering Own catering wedding at Hamilton Park Racecourse and Mirror Finish - Vehicle Appearance Specialist and a business card and even a key ring fromFaisal Latif who was also the official photographer for the Edinburgh Charity week Ladies night.

The stalls were displayed beautifully and professionally! The largest stall was the yummy cakes stand. J'adore who is a d├ęcor and food service company who has also helped at the charity week fashion show, provide the amazing food for the attendees! One of the main sponsors at this event was Sonique Sounds the only Asian female DJ in Scotland! You go girl! Who Run the world!!! There was 3 catwalk productions throughout the day, I attended the 2nd one. Proud to see Edinburgh's very own SKM Couture rocking the runway! And two of the models I've worked with before Stephanie Mcgovern and Urszula Prokop, the ladies work professionally as always!

Nadim Saleem was the Fashion Choreographer at this event! Nadim is a well recognised events organiser within the Asian fashion industry! Please find his page and you'll see a huge list of fashion productions he has choreographed. Before I started blogging I've attended a number of events he has produced! And what a talented man! Truly inspiring! I hope one day to be as recognised for my talent like Nadim. I had the amazing opportunity to introduce myself to Nadim. Even as a busy man I watched him stop for photos with fans in the audience! Very humble and grateful! I hope to be part of Nadim's upcoming projects! Exciting times and a huge step for me as a Events Assistant!!

Great turn out for the S.A.W.E considering it was their first event and the weather was miserable! Really proud of the Scottish Fashion Events industry and it's continuously movements! I hope you enjoyed this post! Follow my page, Tweet me at @sultana_malik, for Style and Beauty #Lookbook find my Instagram @sultana_malik and last but not least my passion and my knowledge Events Blog-

Dream to Inspire <3 <3 

Sultana <3


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