Sunday, June 29

Jilly Interviews: Hailey and the Beauty Blog

Today I am here with Hailey Anderson from 'Hailey and the Beauty Blog' who is 27 and is from South Lanarkshire. It was great interviewing her, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

What made you decide to begin blogging?
It was a spur of the moment situation to be honest. I had been reading blogs for a few months prior to me starting my own and when Models own did their annual 50% off sale I wanted so share the deal and my bargains with people. 5 years later and I am still blogging.

Do you have any blog inspirations?
I don't have anything specific that inspires me. The blogging community inspires me everyday but so does everyday life. I know most bloggers will say this but my followers inspire me to blog as well, they are the reason I have been blogging for 5 years and kept it up.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
I have learnt a lot over the years about blogging but my main piece of advice would be don't compare yourself and you blog to other bloggers and blogs. Your blog is your own place to express yourself and your personality. Try and not follow the crowd and blog about the same things everyone else is blogging about, Make your blog stand out.

What has been your favourite post to write (why)?
Surprisingly as much as I love blogging about beauty, hauls and sometimes the odd fashion post, I love writing lifestyle posts. I found out early on that my followers loved reading about my day to day life. I personally feel that when you write about your personal life (not in huge detail) it helps people know who you are. I love switching up my blog and try and mix things up.

What has been your most popular post?
My most popular blog post has been about the new brand Makeup Revolution that launched back in April and it was my first haul post about them. I have done another orders since then and they have just been as popular. 

Have you ever had a hateful comment and how did it make you feel?
Yes I have but sadly this is all part and part of being a blogger. I don't only blog about beauty but also certain parts of my personal life. People feel the need to comment on your life in a rude way. I have been called fat, ugly, stupid and even had someone tell me I should be blogging because I am dyslexic. I found the hateful comments hard at first as i have been a victim of bullying when I was younger but over the years I have learnt to brush it all under the carpet. Sometimes when I am having a bad day it can get to me. Other bloggers say to me and I will pass this on if you get hateful comments don't take it personally they are bullies trying to get you down. If people are hating you have made it.

How would you describe your blog?
I would describe my blog as a Cruelty Free beauty blog. I love trying new products and seeing how they work then I love letting people know how I get on with them. I do throw in the odd lifestyle and haul post as well. My main policy is if it isn't Cruelty Free it won't be on my blog, so some might find it limited to certain brands. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about Hailey and remember to check out my blog ( and tweet me your requests for interviewees at @mynameisjilly :)

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