Friday, June 27

Keep Cool During This Scottish Heatwave with Wear Eponymous

This week, Scotland has been hit by a heatwave and as the residents of Glasgow crawl out of their homes pasty and sun-deprived, here are our top tips to keep cool to help us through this rare phenomenon.


First port of call – make sure to dress appropriately for the weather. This doesn't translate immediately to “taps aff” as the frequenters of George Square may think, but rather embrace city chic and opt for light, flowing fabrics. If you're heading to the office, invest in a pair of city shorts and team with a blouse and blazer to keep it work-friendly. Otherwise, it is the perfect time to break out this season's most coveted trend – pastels! Team a statement pastel piece with crisp whites for a sophisticated style, or embrace the camisole trend and tuck a cute little cami into a pair of cigarette trousers. Remember, less is more in a city environment – leave the super short stuff for a trip to Ayr Beach!

There is nothing worse than a touch of sunstroke and living in a climate with sporadic sun, so it is even more so important to apply sun cream of SPF 30 or above. There's nothing “cool” about looking like a patchwork quilt of skin, so make sure to apply liberally and keep topped up throughout the day – even if you are only out and about for a few hours. Keep make up light and simple – if you're worried about melting make-up set your daily routine with a translucent powder to improve longevity. Scrape hair up and out of your face and embrace summer braids and boho-style pleated crowns to keep cool.

A few things to remember:

  • It is essential to stay hydrated. Aim to drink around two litres of water a day – not only will it prevent headaches and other nasty symptoms associated with dehydration, but it will also help to keep skin clear.
  • If you are concerned about an outfit being too short, apply the fingertip rule – if the bottom of your outfit reaches your finger tips with your arms relaxed by your sides, then you're good to go.
  • If you're worried about a fringe sticking to your sweaty forehead, use a combination of twists and braids to scoop it off of your face. It will look super chic!
  • Don't be too conscious about your diet – after all, ice cream is one of the major perks of summer!
  • Do you have any tips for keeping cool in the summer?

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