Sunday, June 15

Jilly Interviews: Megiista

So, today I am here with Megan Rice (Megiista) from who is 20 and from Airdrie (outside Glasgow) which is where I work funnily enough! Megan has given some great answers, similar to what I would say so it was great to be able to interview her!

What made you decide to begin blogging?
Being a fashion business student, I am always surrounded with fashion. It wasn't till two years ago I discovered fashion blogs. Instantly, I was hooked and wanted to showcase my style and thoughts. I think if you have an interest or a niche, blogs are the perfect platform to showcase your passion and be an inspiration to others.

Do you have any blogging inspirations?
I am very inspired by Sammi from BeautyCrush and a non-fashion all time favourite is Estee from essiebutton! Both girls are very down to earth and relatable; two characteristics I think are important to be a successful blogger.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
I think it is important to stress that if you are going to start blogging to go at it full steam ahead. Blogging is a full-time hobby and requires a lot of time, an element the majority of people don't understand. A lot of new bloggers, expect success instantly. Only start blogging if you have passion and motivation or it won't be fun. Whatever happens, don't go looking for success, work hard and the success will come to you.

How do you fit blogging around your schedule?
Buy a diary. Every Sunday I will sit down with my diary and schedule EVERYTHING. I think it is important and write down what you want to achieve within the week. Being at university, working and blogging is harder than it seems so having a diary where you can divide up time wisely is an immense help.

How would you describe your blog?
Megiista is a blog filled with everyday style, relatable fashion, your frequent favourites and occasional wish lists showcasing everything I want but can't afford.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I enjoy producing inspiring content. The whole process from brainstorming ideas to photographing to publishing (the most exciting part) and then receive lovely feedback. I am proud of Megiista as it's a place where people can visit, be inspired and communicate with me. It's lovely to have a space on the huge world wide web where I can just be me.

Thank you so much the Megan for answering all of the questions and thank you to ScotBloggers for the opportunity to interview her! Would you like to be interviewed for the page? Why not tweet me @mynameisjilly or request that we interview your favourite Scottish Blogger!

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