Wednesday, June 11

5 Spring/Summer Lipsticks with Krsty Diane

Hey guys, it's Kirsty here! I blog over at and I'd love for you all to stop by and say hello! I'm really excited to be featured on Scot Bloggers, they helped me out so much when I first got into blogging, only a few months back crazy! Today I bring you my Top 5 Spring/summer lipsticks.

I don't believe in only wearing certain lipsticks based on the weather, even if it's Summer I'm still gonna' rock a dark lip if I want too. So go wild! Wear whatever you like, these are just the lipsticks I gravitate towards when it's getting warmer.. C'mon I'm in Scotland, sometimes peachy lipstick is the only reminder that it's Spring!

Kate Moss 101- This lipstick has been in my lipstick collection for the longest time, it's a blue toned pink and it looks lovely on my pale skin. I really enjoy the finish of this lipstick, although matte it doesn't overly dry out my lips an lasts a good 3 hours on my lips if not more, completely reviling some high end lipsticks!

Mac Pink Plaid-  "Pink Plaid" is again a Pink lipstick but has more 'plummy' undertones, I do think this lipstick will look different on everyone, on my pale skin it does come out a little more 'plummy' which I like. It's a matte finish, you must make sure you have a good lip balm on to achieve the perfect finish as this lipstick can be drying, lasting the same time at 3 hours.

Rimmel Kiss me Coral- Being a lipstick junkie, I was shocked that I didn't have a Orange lipstick in my collection but when I found this one, I fell in love! Kiss me Coral is the most beautiful orangey lipstick, on the lips it sits perfectly and doesn't slip or budge around your mouth which is great! The lasting power is really good for it having a glossy finish as they normally don't stay that long on my lips but this can last a good 2 hours .

Sleek Barely There- The name suggest this lipstick will be more of a nude colour but on me it's more peachy, maybe on darker skin tones it would sit as more of a nude on the lips. I adore this lipstick, it actually gets better over time, once applied I normally pat it into my lips and around 10 minutes after I've put it on it just looks even more amazing, it compliments my pale skin without washing me out.  I think Sleek lipsticks are great, there lasting power is pretty reasonable lasting around 2 hours on my lips. I'd love to add more to my collection, do you have any Sleek lipstick favourites?

Seveteen Pink Posey-  Seventeen isn't a brand I gravitate towards but I think they had some offer and I happened to get this lipstick. The lipstick itself is a plummy/purple colour(photo doesn't give it justice) and has a lovely shine making the finish beautiful! Although the lasting powder isn't great, lasting only one hour or so on the lips, the colour sure makes up for it. I think this colour is great for those getting into purple lipstick, I'd definitely recommend!

There you have it, my Top 5 Spring/summer lipsticks! I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you come over and say hi over at Thank you Scot bloggers for this opportunity, I have loved being on your blog, hopefully I'll see you all soon.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post and the lipsticks are beautiful especially liked the Rimmel Kiss Me Coral

    Christina xx

    1. Kiss me Coral is such a lovely colour, you should definitely try it! :)
      So happy to be featured on this blog, loved writing this post xx

  2. Can I just ask, is kiss me coral by Rimmel or Revlon? As in the picture it says Revlon but in the text it says Rimmel.
    Amazing post!

    Emyley xx

    1. Hello Emily! I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding, the lipstick is by Revlon :) My mistake, silly me! x

      Thanks, means a lot :)x