Wednesday, July 9

An Introduction to Naromode

The duo behind the brand is Anna Thorn 25 & Iain MacDonald 28, both graduates of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen & living in Glasgow working from their studio on Wellington Street. Naromode strongly focus on printed womenswear clothing, designing all their own fabrics, creating garments with a simple silhouette. By taking inspiration from stories they design their collections illustratively through their Textiles creations & clothing brand. Naromode also translates as ‘Narrative Fashion’ bringing the concept together. 

Naromode launched their first collection ‘The White Snake’, in September 2013. 

Their first collection offered an array of colour and vibrant prints for Spring Summer 2014, which will be available on their website this month. The second collection which will be available to buy direct in September will also be available on their website. The second collection is inspired by The Brothers Grimm tale ‘Little Snow White’. Created with the talents of Create 48, the lookbook tells the story of Little Snow White both through imagery & pages of the lookbook. Photography by Scottish photographer Cameron Henderson, modeled by Laurie Duffy (from superior model agency) and make up artistry by Caroline Mckeirnan. The snow white reflects on the dark take of the classic ‘Snow White’, which was originally written by the Grimm brothers, taking you on a darker more sinister journey until the end.
Featuring delicate patterns like feathers to represent the beginning of the story ‘When the snowflakes were falling like feathers from heaven, a queen sat sewing at her window’, against the stark black lines, representing the window frame, the contrast between light and dark make the story & the mirrored prints signifying the ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall’ concept. 

The lookbook can be downloaded at

Lookbook - http://create48.comPhotography -
Model, Laurie Duffy -
MUA – Caroline Mckeirnan

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  1. I love naramode, their prints are gorgeous the illustrations are amazing