Sunday, July 13

Q&A with Wear Eponymous

Few Scottish companies make themselves as well known on social media than Wear Eponymous. Many times have we chatted with them on twitter and their support of bloggers is outstanding. Recently they have started a blogger twitter chat (#WEBlogger on Sunday night from 9-10pm) which are always fun and engaging. 

For those who haven’t come across Wear Eponymous before can you explain to us about your company and why you set it up?

Wear Eponymous is a platform dedicated to redefining beauty and making quality clothing and emerging designers accessible at prices that don't break the bank. The company was born out of a frustration of large scale companies taking advantage of creative talent and giving little back. With all three founding directors coming from creative backgrounds, we believe firmly that no internship should go unpaid, no students should be exploited and that everybody should be able to enjoy style regardless of their circumstances. Everybody deserves a little piece of luxury!

Wear Eponymous is a unique name- where did it come from?

To be eponymous is to be the hero of your own story and our tagline “be your own story” reflects this! To “wear eponymous” is to dress for yourself and yourself only!

You aim to promote up and coming designers in your shop. Why do you think this is important in todays fashion world?

In today's fashion industry, it is all too easy to become lost in a sea of graduates and start-ups. Setting up a business in today's economic climate has never been harder and truly outstanding design talent is not receiving the recognition it deserves and that makes us really sad. So, that's why we champion emerging designers – to bring these little pockets of talent to the masses on a wider platform with a team experienced in PR and marketing. Everybody can buy into designer goods this way – with our customer base being able to access truly unique clothing and accessories at an entry-level price point.

What are your favourite SS2014 trends?

Pastels, geo and monochrome! Not to mention some beautiful florals too! 

Social media is a huge part of your advertising- do you have any recommendations for our readers about promoting either their companies or blogs?

Treat everybody with respect and make time to take on board everybody's opinion – regardless of the number of followers they have. Somebody with 50 followers on Bloglovin has just as valid an opinion as somebody with 5,000 followers. Be creative and reach out to companies – but not with the mindset of getting freebies. The reality is very few new businesses are in the position to give away freebies and it is often the bloggers that support them regardless of this that are rewarded further down the line.

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