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Makeup Brush Essentials with Jennasuth

Hello! I’m Jenna from Jennasuth, a blog all about Makeup, Fashion and All Things Girly. I’m a 22-year-old primary teacher from the Highlands. 

In the past couple of years my makeup brush collection has grown so much, it's almost out of control. In the past couple of months I've found myself using the same 5 makeup brushes every day and I thought I'd share them as my makeup brush essentials.

Barry M Powder Brush

This is quite a new one to my collection but since getting it it’s totally replaced my old power brush (The Real Techniques Powder Brush). I just use a light sweep of powder to set my makeup and this brush is perfect – not too big, lovely and soft and

Real Technique Pointed Foundation Brush

The good thing about makeup brushes is you can completely ignore the name of them and find out what they’re actually good for. Turns out this foundation brush is perfect for concealer. It’s a fantastic sized brush for underneath the eyes and precise coverage of blemishes.

Real Technique Buffing Brush

This is my all time favourite foundation brush. I use it every single day for buffing in my liquid foundation. It doesn’t take long to get an even base with this brush.

Real Technique Contour Brush

Another brush that is used for something other than it’s intended purpose, I love the RT contour brush for highlighter. It’s a small, fluffy brush that I use for sweeping MAC’s soft and gentle across the top of my cheekbones, eyebrow bone and nose.

Barry M Blusher Brush

This is a 2 in 1 brush for me. I use it nearly everyday for contouring with bronzer then for a spot of blusher on my cheeks. The bristles are super soft and the angle makes it a good shape for tackling underneath the cheek bones.

What are your makeup brush essentials?

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  1. Yeah I would agree with you!! really like these brushes
    Martina x