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How to: American Fashion with Princess in Trainers

Hello friends! I’m Stephanie from the style blog Princess in Trainers. On my blog, I currently focus on inventive ways to style trainers. Before I get started, I have a confession. I’m not Scottish. Rather, I’m actually a Canadian living in Scotland. Although I adore Scotland’s colourful vintage style, I sometimes experience pangs for classic American fashion. For this guest post, I’ll be sharing my tips on how to add an “American” flair to your fall look through my beloved Converse. 

What I’m Wearing
Letterman Jacket: Aritzia (Canadian store)
Jeans: J Brand
Tanktop: Gap
Trainers: Converse
Purse: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I consider these shoes near and dear because of their versatility and timeless leather. Although Converse trainers are typically canvas, these leather ones are a great luxe alternative. I prefer the low top converse because of their low-key look, which is easier to style than a high top (I cover how to tackle this styling issue on my blog). Even though they’re easy to style, these high tops look more relaxed when they are tied half way up or just missing the top button of the shoe.

Akin to nice wine needing a suitable meal pairing, my Converse also need a suitable look that won’t detract from their Americana cool. For a classic American pairing, I started with my favourite pair of J Brand jeans. Their mid rise is current with trends, and their easy stretch allows for cuffing (without cutting of circulation). To keep warm from the inevitable Scottish winds, I added a letterman jacket over a simple tank top. The letterman jacket is an ode to the classic American high school (or Grease, whichever you prefer). To add even more American flair, I threw on a broken pearl necklace circa Great Gatsby era. Considering that Gatsby has been dubbed the “great American novel”, including a subtle ode was a must. Since American sportswear thrives on simplicity, I decided to skip additional accessories (for possible fear of looking Spanish). For my bag, I chose a modern tote instead of the normcore backpacks that have been taking the fashion world by storm. The tote prevents the look from becoming cliché, and its zip out sides effortlessly fit a laptop.

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