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Why I love travelling Scotland with Locomotion Scotland

I’m Neil, a travel blogger covering all things Scotland. Since finishing university, I travelled like a man possessed. For years I was always on the go, seeing the world and working odd jobs along the way. Being away from my home months on end though just became too tough and I realised increasingly how much I missed Scotland. It’s my favourite place in the world. So for the last year or so I have exclusively covered Scotland with my writing and aim to help newcomers to these parts to get the best out of their visit through Locomotion Scotland.

Why I love travelling Scotland

Road trips 

I think Scotland is ideally suited to getting in the car and going. There are endless great driving routes that are a trip in themselves. Charging up and down the west coast is a definite personal highlight but I feel as though there are spectacular options in every direction. Stunning peaks, beaches and lochs make Scotland one of the world’s best outdoor playgrounds.

Food and drink 

Being surrounded by water has the happy benefit of ensuring that some of the best fish and seafood in the world is never far away. It’s the perfect accompaniment to those road trips – knowing a first class restaurant along the way that has fresh local produce on the menu. It’s a glorious treat having such fantastic natural resources to cook with. The fact much of it gets chucked into deep fat fryers are mere details. And then there was whisky. Right up there on my list of reasons to be happy.

Scotland’s Munros

With 282 Munro peaks to choose from we should be one of the fittest countries in the world. While I love climbing in Perthshire and around Loch Lomond in particular, the drama to be found at the likes of Glen Coe, Skye and Torridon is just about as good as it gets.


People flock to Scotland to revel in our colourful past. Dozens of atmospheric and picturesque castles and ruins say it all. We liked a good fight. Southern Scotland definitely saw the brunt of centuries’ worth of conflict but I love nothing more than a loch-side ruin that has me scrambling for the camera and cursing that persistent wall of cloud that is the scourge of the Scottish photographer.

City life

There is nowhere in Europe that can match Edinburgh during the Festival or for New Year pandemonium. Getting kilted up and braced for the inevitable Hogmanay bad weather is one of my highlights of the year. As for my home city of Glasgow the Commonwealth Games this year have showed how much we’ve got going on. Amazing architecture, bouncing nightlife, world class food and drink and warm and friendly locals. With Stirling boasting some of our very best historical attractions and Dundee another city on the rise, we have plenty to boast about.


In a year where we’ve been showing off all over the place, the Ryder Cup is the latest major event choosing Scotland as its host. Not being rich enough or good enough to play at the big courses regularly myself, I still love a game on a quiet day. Coastal courses at the likes of Arisaig or on the Western Isles would be my first choice but Fife’s courses are a great, more accessible for most, option as well.

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