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Asian Bride Live with Sultana Malik



Scottish Bloggers Asian Bride Live Thank you Claire for giving me another opportunity to write for Scot Bloggers! Since my last post AWAZ wedding and lifestyle exhibition my blog has really picked up to the point I get personally invited to attend events. I'm much more graphic and reader friendly. As an events blogger I want to try and keep it as professional as possible but as 'a wee scottish lassy' I try my best to personalise my posts so you get a snapshot at my personality :) I am extremely blessed that within a few month I've attended more than a handful of wedding exhibition AND am not even a bride - the irony ;) this week I was invited along to the Asian bride live wedding exhibition in London!















The Fashion show was the highlight! My social networking went going crazy! I love my new Iphone6! My battery life is so much better! For tweeting and sharing videos and pictures on Instagram! I've already put up a number of pictures and videos from the annual event on social media Instagram @sultana_malik and Twitter @sultana_malik. And like mentioned in the preview blog I got major butterflies :D the girls from Scotland loved the preview pictures! This post is for you beauties ;) Fashion Show There were 5 shows on during the 8 hour exhibition! I know lucky Audience! 11:30/1:30/3:30/5:30/7:30. I went along to the 5:30pm showing. Scene 1: khubsoorate Collection The show started with details of all the sponsors that are involved the Asian Bride Live. Most of the scenes was introducted with a video presentation from the designer’s. I loved the starting scene for the fashion show. The models catwalked like mannequins with spotlights (and not the scary mannequins from Silent Hill). I loved the ‘couples’ scene. My favourite look is the Asian version (not leg skin showing of course) of the Angelina leg trouser dress. 


Scene 2: JG jewellery This was a super sexy scene (obviously PG)! The focus was around the jewellery designers so the models wore black saree’s with mid-drift showing. The catwalk was set with 4 models during the two scene catwalk. The robotic modelling style with spotlighting was fab! Like a theatre production!

Scene 3: Ekta Solanki This scene was more a tradition modelling scene. Very bridal and couple focused. Scene 4: Ayah Couture Watching these catwalk scenes was like watching a show! This scene is also on my Instagram! The two scenes with 4 models had Bollywood moves whilst catwalking. They also have candle in there hands. I loved this! During my sister Yasmin's wedding me and my sister Hassy performed a Bollywood dance with candles to the famous song “Silsila ye Chaahat ka” from Devdas. I loved this Bollywood vintage theme!


Scene 5: Bibi London I was so excited to see this scene as the bridal wear from this designer is always amazing!!! All over my newsfeed on facebook and the Asian bride magazine collections! The traditional rich red bridal wear is so pretty!


Scene 6: Asia Glam – Make-up Acadamy I’ve been to around 5/6 wedding exhibitions this year and it was a lovely surprise to see a make-up focused scene! Being such a make-up lover this was great to see! Such a fun funky way to market a make-up academy. The models wore white maxi skirts with a sexy slit with belly dancing tops.


Scene 7: Touchwood Boutique This was more a contemporary Asian bridal scene with a more steady pace of catwalk. More of a western wedding exhibition fashion show, the lovely models were smiling and giving eye contact with the audience. It was nice to see this scene. I loved bouquets!




Scene 8: Ahsan's bespoke for men's This scene was focused on what grooms wear. I loved this! Some of the models worse a more tradition 1800s look with old Punjabi lookbook with Aladdin swords. So cool!

Scene 9: Amaya Ashu My camera was full by this apologise :( Scene 10: Mongas This scene was introduced by the global dancing sensation - Karen Singh Pangali. Man this guy knows how to move! (And again find a 15 sec clip on Instagram).


Scene 11: finally The finale was so much fun! Like literally I wanted to get up on stage! Started off with all the male models dancing with Karen Singh. They made the scenes like a photo-booth by using props and 'Selfies' at the end. It was such a fun buzz from all the models! Like a real wedding where everyone is having a laugh.




Stalls There was a large number of stall to be more specific 3 floors worth! Yes three! Majority of the clothing stalls did not allow photography which is fair enough as it avoids designers replicating outfits. 













I met the lovely Manisha handmakes her bags! All started as a hobby, the detailed evening clutch collection is a well recognised business! These clutches are to die for! So much BLING!

IMG_9699 IMG_9698 IMG_9700 
Food Was provided the City Pavilion so rich and mouth waters! 1383291_10203260300128918_8816052453869592132_nIMG_9663 Entertainment The first floor had stage area and DJ Set provided by The City Pavilion. This was entertainment to the audience. I love the sound of Dolki's gives me butterflies as a huge Sharuk khan (Bollywood actor) fan, Dolki's remind me of the theme tune for Mohobatin, toots gives me goosebumps.IMG_9714 IMG_9752 IMG_9774 The lovely ladies from External Taal a girls only Dolki group. I loved the energy they gave out! I had a brief chat with the founder, who also teaches. Its interesting to know 80% of their audience are female Muslim's which is their target audiece. They even provide Female DJs and Photographer's. WHO RUN THE WORLD ;)247030_10203260299208895_4593766745710511203_n 

I also got to see the beautiful Veronica Mehta perform :) We love a Selfie :D  

 Outfit post Me and my sister wore these lovely lace dresses for Eid in September. I heart lace!  


For the event I decided to wear my sister Hassy's outfit as its more contemporary East meets West look. I wore it with leggings, strappy heals and no scarf. Overall best wedding exhibition I've attended!! They can definitely increase the ticket pricing for this fashion show (£8) as it’s not just the wedding party that would be interested it's the whole fashion industry! But then again having 5 shows is pretty generous for the public as you have 5 opportunities to book tickets :D Thank you to the lovely team in Asian Bride Live that have always been in contact with me about my blog post and visiting London! Phew!! Talk about a wordy Blog! Apologies ;) Till next time Dream to inspire <3 <3 Sultans <3

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