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Festive Edinburgh with Miss Lola Lollipop

Hi, I'm Louise, a.k.a Misslolalollipop, a lifestyle blogger based in Edinburgh but I travel a bit for work and love a visit home to Ireland. Edinburgh is, of course, one of my favourite cities in the world which is why I choose to live here. There is no time in the year where you would come to Edinburgh and not think it's great. But, Christmas time may be one of the extra special occasions when Edinburgh shines even brighter than normal. Or should I say glows!

This year the Christmas market was the biggest yet. Spread over two locations, both with ice rinks, one is even circular. Too much fun!!

It does be freezing at the Christmas markets but luckily they sell mulled wine, German sausage and other hot treats to keep you warm on the inside.

And sweet treats.

There are some pretty stalls selling nice gift, for other or for yourself. We all deserve a Christmas treat for the hard work we put into present shopping, in the crowds.

But for me the market stalls would be more interesting if there was local retailers. We have a great community of pop up shops, cafes and restaurants and the market is missing the best Edinburgh has to offer.

The wonderful world of social media let me know that there was more lights on offer, a light projection show on down the Grassmarket. (Edinburgh Spotlight is one to follow if you want to keep up with the goings on in Edinburgh) 

Hey there Mr Elf

The best festivity around Edinburgh this year has to be Edinburgh Secret Santa, the brian child of some of Edinburgh finest creative and community minded motivated folk. Secret Santa grew to over 200 people signing up, being given an elf name, buying a present for your match, leaving it at a drop off place for them to pick up and unwrap on Christmas day, or earlier if your a naughty elf like myself.

Its has to be the funnest thing this December! What an amazing way to reach out into the community. I have no idea who the other Elves are but all the comradery on Twitter has been brilliant. I cant wait to meet them in January at the get together. I picked up my Secret Santa pressie while on my way to have a festive dinner at Alright Treacle, one Edinburgh's tasty supper clubs. This is not my first visit to the Alright Treacle dinner table and this visit was just as beautiful a food experience as the first.

Each course was at take on one of their favourite Christmas songs.

The starter was "Last Christmas" which translates to Duck hearts in tarragon and port, with vegetarian haggis bon bons, candied beetroot, blueberry chutney and sliced fennel. Heart is daring but I actually enjoyed it. 

The main course song was "Rudolf the red noise reindeer". Can you guess what meat it was? Yes it was Venison, Venison wellington served with truffle mash, sprouts broccoli and roast jerusalem artichokes to be exact. Ive never had venison before which I now realise was a silly silly mistake.This dish made my body and soul melt!!

Desert was inspired by "Deck the Halls". This Willy Wonka style creation consists of cranberry sorbet, mince pie ice-cream, Chestnut truffle loaf, a hazelnut cream bauble with a roasted fig.

It was as exciting as it looks and we were all like amazed kids eating it. I do love this city and all the wonders it has to offer. And the best part is that its all year round and not just for Christmas.

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