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My Garden with Emma's Cakey Bakey Adventures

Hello! Some of you may have read my blog at some point and for those of you who haven't - a very warm welcome! I've been asked to do a wee intro of myself for those who don't know me. This intro is making me lost for words as I hate introducing myself - oh look I've gone all shy! OK, here goes - Born and bred in the good old city of Edinburgh and I can't think of anywhere that could beat this city or its outskirts, you could say I'm well rooted here. I've lived in the city for about 7-8 years until we moved out to our current home just outside in Bonnyrigg with my Husband, whom I refer to as Mr C. With my blog I tend to talk about my travels, coffee, cake, food, gardening, and sewing (yes I know cake is food but cake is special food :) ). I do like to travel and currently my favourite city is Amsterdam (visited 3 times now) and my favourite place for food is California. One of my favourite past times is photography and I occasionally show off my images on here too!

Today I've decided to chat about our garden, in which I do most of the gardening as Mr C is not really green fingered! I get my green fingers from both sides of the family as they have been either farmers/gardeners' or both. We've had the house just over 5 years but just got the garden redone last year by my Dad and Brother, I'm pleased with the result but there is still lots to do (and learn!). With the garden almost finished (take note Dad *ALMOST) I've had a few ideas that involve moving plants around to other parts of the garden. But this has to come later as I've got lots to plant. Most of these are vegetables that I grew from seed at the beginning of the season. Both Mr C and I are looking forward to eating our crops once they fully ripen! 

Ready to plant out: peas, broad bean, runner beans courgettes, sweetcorn and sweet peas!

It's amazing how quick the garden changes at this time of the year. Plants are shooting up and buds are ready to show bloom, whilst other plants are showing off their colours like fancy dress. 

A lovely big red poppy!
The wonderful wisteria
Picture perfect peonies and I'm waiting patiently!

There are plants that are in flower that are giving the garden some colour...

Pink and white: Astrantia
Aquilegia "Winky Blue-White"
The beauty of a heuchera: always catches my eye from the kitchen window
Fragile looking flowers of the Heuchera
Red Valerian, almost out!
The intensely blue lithoria
Not only the flowers that have been making big appearance but the fruit and vegetables already that I planted earlier this month are coming on too! 

Plentiful flowers = looks like a good crop this year with the new strawberry plants!
Flowers on the blueberry bushes! And very pretty flowers at that!
Looking forward to my first ever tomato crop!
Swiss chard, beetroot and spinach (R-L) sprouting happily :)
Not only have I got the veg to plant out but these flower seedlings require thinning out! So lots to do and on top of all that I need to dig out some nettle that has rudely invaded a patch in the border.

Naughty Nettles!
Oh and I almost missed out seeing these beauties ... I'm hoping it won't take much longer for these to ripen!

The "Hinnomaki Red" Gooseberry - first year and they have to turn red before they get eaten!
I hope you've all enjoyed a brief introduction to me and our garden and look forward to hearing from you! If you want to follow me via my wordpress blog, just click the link here!

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