Friday, June 5

Spring Favourites with Saturday's Girl

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, I love seeing the seasons change and all the flowers and trees blossoming.  For a twenty-something fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger it means I can find new fashion and beauty items, while taking beautiful photographs on days out with my family and friends.

Saturday's Girl
Below I've shared with you all a few of my favourite things in Spring so far...

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne
I have been obsessed with this scent for the past month or so, I usually pick out floral fragrances but I'm so in love with this.  It's such a fresh and invigorating scent with a top note of ambrette seeds, heart note of sea salt and base note of sage - it is a lovely woody scent which reminds me of the seaside.  I have the 30ml bottle so it is perfect in my handbag, I recently took it to a wedding and it was so nice to freshen up with such a beautiful, serene scent.

Trips to the Seaside
Talking of the seaside..!  When the weather starts to pick up and the days and nights get lighter I love going on unplanned road trips to gorgeous Scottish towns, cities and seasides.  Recently I spent my Sunday enjoying a drive up to Anstruther on such a gorgeous sunny day, spending time walking along the waterfront and looking at all the boats, houses and beautiful views.  Not to mention visit the famous Anstruther Fish Bar and enjoying fish and chips on a bench by the sea, the perfect Scottish seaside day out!

Hair Plaits
Hair plaits are my favourite thing at the moment to change up any hairdo.  If my hair isn't quite sitting how I'd like it to I tend to pull together a plait at the front of my hair and follow along the hairline until I reach my ear and tuck back with a few kirby grips.  I also love the style above when putting my hair into a pony tail or bun at the bottom of my head, plaits can completely dress up your look and look so pretty.

Spring Jackets
Pastel coloured coats and jackets look gorgeous, especially in Spring.  They dress up any outfit and works a treat when the weather can't make its mind up..!  There are so many beautiful colours, styles and textures available and I've included a couple of different styles above - aren't the colours gorgeous?!

I'd love to hear about your favourite picks for Spring!

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