Wednesday, November 4

An Introduction too... Helen Ruth

Scottish scarf designer, Helen Ruth, returns this season with her A/W collection “Lore of the Land.” Ruth takes her inspiration from highland folklore and legends; drawing influence from pictish maidens, selkies, stone circles and deals with the devil. Steering clear of Chirstmas cheer, “Lore of the Land” has a more sombre tone towards Scottish fairy tales, with the fantastical and the bittersweet woven into the very threads of the designs. 

Combining tales of land and sea, Ruth has brought together some of her favourite local legends. From the selkies, the seal people who shed their skins to come on land, to the maiden who made a deal with the devil and got turned to stone, “Lore of the Land” is a deliciously dark collection of some of Scotland’s little known local legends.

Ruth said of the collection “''These are stories that come from the land and I want to invite the wearer of my scarves to create their own tales from my illustrations.'' 

Ruth was inspired by her friends folk songs. After hearing them, asking for the stories to be told in detail. Folklore originally passed via song, now can be passed via scarves. Fairytales are dying, these scarves are a new way of sharing the story etc etc

Depicting pictish folk adorned in brightly coloured illustrations, treacherous sisters, mixed with flourishes of the Scottish landscape, “Lore of the Land” is a culmination of local history and folklore. The entire collection itself is designed, printed and hand finished in Scotland, with all materials being sourced from British wool manufacturers. With prices starting from £115, Helen Ruth’s latest collection truly captures the fantastical with just the right touch of darkness.

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