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5 Make up Must Haves with Hey There Robyn

Hey there, I am Robyn from, a 19 year old media student from Glasgow with a Starbucks addiction. Over on I talk all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle as well as some blog tips and tricks.
For this post I am going to share with you my 5 makeup must haves. 


Starting with my recent obsession the beauty blender. I have the Real Techniques Beauty Blender and as you can see from the photo above it is very well loved (okay, it’s dirty, I’m sorry). My life has been changed by this simple little sponge.

When using this product I dampen it a little before placing some of my foundation on the back of my hand, and using the sponge I begin to press the foundation all over my face, giving the perfect airbrush coverage with no brush lines. For foundation I switch between both the flat end of the sponge and the small pointed end, using the bigger area for cheeks, chin and forehead and the smaller side for my eyes and nose area.

The smaller end of the sponge can also be used to blend concealer, highlight and contour without leaving brush lines.

The only flaw of this product for me is the sponge can sometimes absorb the product and you have to use more product with it than you would with a brush.


Words cannot explain how much I adore Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray, I have tried De-Slick spray, but this one works a lot better for my combination skin.

Before I started using this product my makeup wouldn’t last three hours before something started to smudge, however, since I began adding this little spray to the end of my beauty regime my make up is lasting all day and all night with only lipstick needing to be reapplied.

Applying it in a ‘T’ formation 10” from my face it keeps my makeup in place through any weather, cold and dry, warm and sweaty, it is a must have for anyone wanting their makeup to last longer.

The only flaw with this product is that it can leave your face looking dewy, if you aren't a fan of the dewy look then you can however, apply a setting powder afterwards just to give a matte finish.


I am not one for the overly contoured and highlighted face, I have no idea how to do it and it just seems like a whole lot of hassle for an everyday look for me, however I have found the perfect product for making my cheekbones pop. Benefit’s Hoola.

The matte bronzer can be used under your cheekbones and around your face to give the allusion of sharper bone structure. I like to use it in a backwards “3” motion starting at my forehead sweeping it down by my eyebrows, bringing it in towards my lips, but not too far and then back out and down around my jawline. After I have done that I may build up the product to get the precise look I am going for.

This product lasts forever! Even with using it around 3-6 times a week I have had the same Hoola for 8 months and I am still using it to this day.


A necessity in every girls’ makeup collection is the perfect nude lip. For me that is MAC’s Mocha. A beautiful brown satin nude this lipstick is perfect for a tanned or olive skin tone. While everyone was loving Velvet Teddy I found the famous lipstick too be a tad too light for my skin tone, but Mocha is just a few shades darker and suits me perfectly.

A nude lipstick is perfect for any occasion may it be a ‘no makeup’ makeup look, or a toned down lip with dramatic eyes or just an everyday look, a nude lipstick is a must and MAC do some pretty incredible ones.


As a night owl under eye concealers are a must have, there is nothing worse than your makeup looking amazing, but you have massive bags under your eyes that your foundation couldn’t cover!

I have two favourite under eye concealers; Benefit Boi-ing and Sleek Correct and Concealer. Both products have brightening properties in them giving the illusion that you are a lot more awake and lively than you may actually be, obviously the perfect product for us bloggers who like to write our posts late at night.

The Sleek palette includes a light concealer, darker concealer and a powder. I don't personally use the powder, but I have repurchased this product quite a few times and I adore how smooth the application is and for a cheaper product the coverage is phenomenal.

Boi-ing is a product on the higher price end of the spectrum, but just like the sleek palette the coverage is smooth, sleek and full.

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