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Fire Powered Hot Tubs and Tombstoning with Angus and Vivian Adventures

Hi, we're Angus and Vivian. You can say we are partners, but we are also best friends and adventure buddies. We met while Vivian was studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland. From then on we spent the next two years meeting at different destinations around the world. Now, we both study at the University of Glasgow and continue to whet our appetite for adventures, both locally and internationally on limited funds and time. Most of our traveling is activity and food based, like climbing in Chiang Mai, diving at Scapa Flow, and eating our way through Paris. We decided to document our adventures and good eats through this blog to push ourselves and maybe inspire you to make up your own adventures, whether it be a campfire in your own backyard or summiting Mt. Everest. We believe that you don’t need to be a millionaire to afford the most rewarding experiences; our journey can provide you with practical information on travelling and eating with limited time and money. Check us out on Angus and Vivian Adventures, and read more to find out about some winter activities in Scotland! 
Fire Powered Hot Tubs and Tombstoning 
Angus here. So I thought it would be good to talk about some of the things we like to do through the winter months. I grew up on the west coast and was always in the sea. My favourite place is a spot where you can jump off some cliffs into the sea. Although "tombstoning" as it's known gets pretty bad press, if you are sensible and check out your landing site before jumping I think it's pretty safe. It's the perfect cure for a hangover, you always feel brand new afterwards.

The trek out to the spot, making a campfire and cooking lunch is the perfect way to spend the day with friends. It gets you out into the fresh air and you never know what you might see. There's an osprey nest just round the corner, I've seen otters, seals and carpets of moon jellyfish.

Obviously if you're going in winter I would advise a wetsuit. The first time I took Vivian she borrowed one which didn't fit well and as you can see she got a wee bit chilly. Be sure to bring a "chittery bite" as my mum calls it. That's just something sweet to chew on after you have been in the cold water to stop you teeth chittering and give you a energy boost.

You may be wondering where you can go give this a try? Well I'm not going to give away my favourite spot, even though all the locals know of it anyway. Go exploring and find one, that's half the adventure.

Sometimes not even a chittery bite can get you properly warmed up. Fortunately for us Dougie built a fire powered hot tub. It's big enough to for 7 or 8 at a push and it gets crazy warm. Too hot to stand actually, after a while we had to pour more cold water in or we would be stewed alive. His design kept the fire practically inside the hot tub, meaning you can fry some sausages while you are in the tub.

The only downside to the design is that it can get a wee bit smoky but I think its pretty inspired. He has built a chimney to help with this and the seats are made from upturned fish boxes. My brother and I have been looking at building a design of our own but that will have to wait until we have time and money.

Has anyone else seen anything fire powered hot tubs before? If so how did they heat their tub? If you are interested in a project like this then give us a shout!

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