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My name is Amy, I'm 24 and a Senior Administrator from Glasgow. I've been blogging mainly on tumblr for 6+ and decided in October 2015 to start a more personal blog which is now My main interests are fashion, beauty, interior and travel. 

It didn't take me moving away from Glasgow to the big smoke, to finally appreciate what I had right on my doorstep back home. Sure, Glasgow might not seems as glamorous, the weather might not be as good and it's not a sprawling city but it's friendly, cheap and has so much choice and variety. I recently had a friend visit from London. We went for dinner all 4 of us which consisted of steak, cocktails, a couple of beers each for the boys and a dessert and they couldn't believe the price for such a high quality meal which would have burst the bank down in London. I adored my time down there but the 'glamour' slowly fades and you soon realise what you have back home, isn't much different.

I love the dining options Glasgow has to offer and like trying new places. There are some great places Glasgow has so I thought why not share some of my favourites? I'm sure most Glasweigan readers will be familiar with the majority of these but you might find somewhere you haven't tried. Just a warning before you start to scroll, this post may make you seriously hungry.

Wudon is based in the West End of Glasgow and is a Japanese/Sushi restaurant. To be fair, the menu is quite varied and some of the dishes incorporate other parts of Asia. The food is to such a high quality and there is so much variety on the menu. They have small dishes which you can order a few and create as a tapas style meal or alternatively, have as a starter. My boyfriend and I normally order a few of these to go along with our mains. I always opt for either the Sweet Chilli Chicken (pictured) on a bed of boiled rice which is soon filling or their Chicken Katsu Curry which again, is fantastic. It's really reasonably priced too and normally very busy. They do serve cocktails, which are ok - nothing spectacular but it's a change from chain Japanese cuisine (Wagamama/Yo Sushi! I'm talking to you). It's on Great Western Road which is surrounded by other nice eateries and bars but if you want to stroll to Byres Road, it's only a short walk away. A real favourite place of mine!

Bread Meats Bread for me, is the best burger place in Glasgow. They've recently revamped their menu with a few more options but I always opt for the Wolf Of St Vincent Street Burger. Beneath the burger buns is a tender beef patty topped with cheese, bacon, pulled pork and barbecue sauce - enough to send shivers down every clean eaters spine. The bacon fries are a highlight. These are homemade fries with a tangy beef mayo smothered in crispy bacon pieces, mmm. Right on St Vincent Street, it's a central location. It does again get very busy so if you go, prepare to wait for a table depending on the time of day. The only downside is the place is quite small and in the middle, it's a giant picnic like table which doesn't really offer much privacy - which I'm not keen on especially when chowing down on a giant burger. Other than that, I love this place and can't fault it. It's reasonably priced and a pre cinema/after work pit stop.

The Anchor Line is my favourite date night spot. Just off George Square on St Vincent Street, it's a central location and serves the most amazing food and cocktails. I've been a few times now and never been disappointed with anything i've had. The food, especially the steak, is cooked to perfection and it's got the most relaxed vibe but still has such an elegant and luxurious touch. The service is second to none and you never feel like your rushed, which is something I love when being out for dinner is knowing I can take my time, enjoy myself and unwind without service staff hovering over, checking their watches. It has a large rectangular bar which serve the most amazing cocktails. My favourite is the Marilyn Monroe (pictured) which is essentially a French Martini but it's stunning. This can be more on the pricey side and definitely somewhere to go as a treat or celebrate a special occasion but you won't be disappointed!

Bar Soba have a few different places around Glasgow but I tend to visit the Mitchell Lane one most frequently. Bar Soba serve Japanese cuisine but my favourite from their menu is the Sate Burger which is mouthwateringly good. The cocktails, in my eyes, are one of the best in Glasgow and this is the perfect pit stop for a girly shopping day or start to your night. Boasting an impressive cocktail menu, the Drumstick Capriovskas are a favourite of mine. They taste just like the sweet Drumstick lollys but if you're a lightweight like me, these are very strong! Bar Soba also has a really relaxed vibe about it, which I love and for those based in the city centre, they do a fairly cheap lunch menu too.

Amore - I couldn't bring myself to write this list without mentioning Amore. It's been a family favourite of ours for many years and on each visit, it's always been consistent, amazing quality, italian food. The menu is MASSIVE. Even if your not a fan of Italian food, there is bound to be something on there you like. I always go for the half and half along with whoever I am with. They give you half a pizza of your choice with a side of pasta and it means the best of both worlds really. It has such a lovely atmosphere, such friendly staff and again, location is ideal being right on the doorstep of Merchant City. It's my favourite in Glasgow and although I've sampled the competition which has been equally as impressive, I always come back here. It holds so many lovely memories.

Tribeca - On Dumbarton Road, just off busy Byres Road, Tribeca is brunch haven. Although it serves food all day long, the breakfast/lunch menu is the highlight. Themed like an american diner, Tribeca is brunch heaven with a fantastic menu and good quality food. It's normally queued out the door and for good reason - it really is great. I normally go for the pancakes with crispy bacon and a side of maple syrup.

That's my roundup of my favourite places in Glasgow! Of course, I have loads more but I really had to condense this down or we'd be here all day. Have you been to these places? Can you recommend any new places for me to try? I'd love to hear your thoughts below in the comments or tweet me at @sotypicalamy

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