Friday, July 29

Greater Grassmarket’s Historic Trail

Scotland’s capital city is well known for its dark and dramatic past- over the years Edinburgh has certainly seen its fair share of death and destruction. Tourists travel from all over the world to experience the history for themselves, with the help of the many diverse tours and events on offer. And now, the Greater Grassmarket has unveiled its new free (yes, free!) self-guided Historic Tour, great for families, students and history-buffs alike!

The Historic Trail offers an easy to use guide both in the form of a printed map and an additional online audio guide, so that visitors can access any part of the tour that they’d like with no limitations or set route. You can go to any location on the map that you like (and perhaps stopping at some of the fabulous Grassmarket bars on the way)! Users of the trail can immerse themselves in the fascinating tales- whilst the map leads you to the specific areas, the audio guide provides a deeper look into the lives of some of the Grassmarket’s most well-known characters.

Most of us have heard the gory tales of the notorious murderers Burke and Hare, but not everyone has visited the genuine spots where it all took place! Drop by the White Hart Inn to learn about the calculated and gruesome ways that the slayings were committed and planned by the duo, or just a hundred or so yards away, stand on the spot where the scandalous Half-Hangit Maggie was executed. Maggie Dickson was a local fish hawker, who after being tried under the concealment of pregnancy act was found guilty and hanged in the Grassmarket. However, on the way to her own funeral the cart driver carrying her body heard loud banging sounds coming from her coffin. You can hear more about Maggie and the stories of other infamous characters on the Trail.

You can grab your free map from local bars, stores and boutiques, which will guide you to all 11 information points included in the audio guide- all of which are steeped in their own remarkable history. So get yourself down to the Grassmarket today and try out the brand new digital tour for yourself! The self-guided Historic Trail is great for anyone to enjoy, whether you’re a family looking for a fun day out or a couple looking for something a bit different to do.

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