Sunday, July 31

What Are We Looking For In A Blog Post?

If you follow us on twitter you might see our appeals for guest posts. We think they are a great way to get your blog noticed by a different readership and find some other Scottish Bloggers.

We are always getting asked what we are looking for, topic, words count etc. Hopefully this post will clear up some of the process for you.

All we say is we are just looking for the type of post you would normally post on your own blog. 

If you don't have an original idea we welcome bloggers to utilise things they’ve already written on their own blogs. This can be something along the lines of ‘Top 5 Beauty Products’ or ‘Top 5 Places to Eat in…’ 

We don't have a word count - the length of the post is totally up to you. If you normally post short posts or long rambly ones that is okay. 

The easiest way to send us the post is the HTML version. If you want to draft up your post on blogger or wordpress (or whatever else you might use) making sure all the text and photos are where you want them. Copy and paste the HTML version into an email that would be perfect.

This post would include an introductory paragraph so our readers can get to know you and any social media links you wish to include.

This past week we've ran a poll on twitter to find out if you would like original guest posts or copies from existing posts. The results speak for themselves so this is what we will be sticking to for just now.

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