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Q&A with Beauty and The Boy

Bloggers are always trying to find their niche in a community full of great blogs however Andrew James has done this easily. He is the face behind 'Beauty & the Boy' and as the name might suggest he is a male beauty blogger. He is a makeup artist and training to become a hairdresser as well- we always love his beauty reviews and tips. Please let us know what you think about this interview below.

Firstly you are male beauty blogger- the only one we know! Is it difficult being part of a community that is full of girls?

To be honest i never felt as if i fit in with guys so being a part of a community full of girls doesn't bother me as its normal for me. I really enjoy it as we seem to have more in common

You started blogger way back in May 2011 when your blog was called ‘Andrew James Blog’- can you remember your original motivation to start blogging?

I think i started blogging because i really didn't have anyone around me who shared my love of makeup and i felt like i want to get out there and talk to other people then i found out that Beauty Blogging was a thing and from there on i just blogged really i also wanted to help people and share some tips i had learnt.

We love your drag looks- they are brilliant!! What’s your number one pointer for a successful transformation and what advice would you give another male bloggers wanting to start doing something similar?

Thank you i really appreciate that i think drag is a really fun way to experiment with makeup and I would say brows and contouring basically shaping everything men tend to have completely different faces from women so making sure you soften and round everything out with the brows you want more of a clean brow that's arched. My advice would be work on your brows because if you can cover them well you can do a number of different looks not just drag.

You must of had some negative feedback to your blog just because you are a man blogging about beauty?

Oh yeah I've had people tell me that i didn't know anything about makeup or beauty because i was a man but these are just ignorant people and its best just to delete any of these comments and don't engage with them because nothing good will ever come from it. I always live my the saying "It says more about them that it does about you" when people leave horrible comments

You started training to be a make-up artist over five years ago- is that correct? Do you have any advice for other beauty bloggers that would like to make the jump into a professional career?

Yes coming up on 5 years this year its hard to believe i started playing about with makeup that long ago haha, I think the best advice would be don't get lazy always look up different looks and techniques and don't look down on anyone because someone could teach you something that you would never have thought of and it could work amazingly.

If you don’t mind us saying your blog is very popular among readers- do you have any tips for the younger you starting out?

Don't worry about blog stats and followers, blog because you love blogging that way it wont ever get you down we all want to be be popular not many will admit it but its true and when we don't get the stats we want it can be quite off putting but you just have to keep at it because it pays off the people I've met and worked and the opportunities through blogging have been amazing and i would have never met them if i had just given up early on.

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